Boggart Weaponry

Posted in Arcana on November 29, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Lorwyn's boggarts aren't the greatest at blacksmithing, weaponcrafting, or even whittling. So when it comes to arming themselves, they improvise what they can't steal.

There's actually a measure of ingenuity to their improvisation. Whether they're firing hedgehogs from a slingshot, lashing frogs to a stick, or gathering hornets in a fragile glass sphere, they exhibit a range of creative solutions for the goal of making someone hurt.


Quill-Slinger Boggart
Caterwauling Boggart
Hornet Harasser

Most of the designs you see on boggart cards in the set came from one page in the Lorwyn style guide, where Lorwyn concept artist Cyril Van Der Haegen went wild coming up with designs for boggart weapons. (We suspect Cyril might be part boggart himself.)

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Concept art by Cyril Van Der Haegen

Click the page of weapons to see a larger image.

Boggart Sprite-Chaser
Adder-Staff Boggart

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