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Posted in Feature on December 18, 2012

By Staff

Booster Draft (or just Draft) is by far the most popular format on Magic Online. A draft consists of eight players selecting cards one at a time from three booster packs. Pro Tours (Magic's most prestigious tournaments) always put on two drafts, which at least partially explains the format's popularity. A lot of players like to look at successful draft decks (those that go 4–0) to get an idea of the kinds of successful draft archetypes that exist and to help them improve their own drafting skills. The competitive aspect aside, many players just enjoy drafting, either as a way of honing their skills or of acquiring new cards.

Deck Construction Rules

The basic points of deck construction for Draft are:

  • 40-card deck (minimum)
  • Only cards you pick through drafting
  • Sideboard is cards other than those added to main deck

When you sit down to draft, you open one booster pack, pick one card from it to keep, and pass the rest to your neighbor on the left. Each other player does the same, so you end up with the same number of cards as you would have had you just opened the pack. Once all the cards are picked from the first pack, everyone opens a second pack, picks one card, and passes to the right. The third pack is then passed to the left again. Once all cards are chosen, players build forty-card decks and are randomly paired up to play.

Finding Draft on Magic Online Wide Beta


  1. Choose Game Type
  2. Choose tournament style or skill level
  3. Choose your deck (Magic Online will auto-select the correct format)
  4. Choose any additional options (such as "Multiplayer")
  5. Click Next Game in Open Play or choose your tournament from the results and join

Details and B&R List

A draft uses three packs, and most draft events determine the packs used by the most-current set (i.e., the set most recently released). For example, current drafts use three packs of Return to Ravnica; when Gatecrash releases, drafts will then use three packs from that set. Occasionally, other drafts occur on Magic Online that use different sets from Magic's past.

There are no cards banned in Draft tournaments.

Recent Top Decks

Here are some sample decks that recently won Magic Online PTQs:


Download Arena Decklist



Download Arena Decklist




Download Arena Decklist




Download Arena Decklist


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