Posted in NEWS on March 23, 2014

By Oliver Gehrmann

One player that caused quite a few neck injuries this weekend was Dora Šabec from Slovenia. She decided to show up in an Elspeth, Sun's Champion cosplay this weekend! Most of the players that saw her started to take a second or third look, which isn't all too surprising once you see the level of detail she applied to her costume.

Dora Šabec playing as Elspeth, Sun's Champion!

How come you decided to show up as Elspeth this weekend?

Šabec: "I just like to Cosplay and I had this costume at home. I did it for the Prerelease of Born of the Godsand I felt like I had to wear it again since it turned out so great."

What were the responses like from the players that saw you?

Šabec: "Everybody has been really friendly and many of the guys wanted to take pictures with me."

Would you enjoy it more if there were more cosplayers at these events?

Šabec: "I don't know. It's not too bad to be the only one since it's then easier to stand out in the crowd."

How many cosplays did you create already?

Šabec: "I usually do around one cosplay per year. Carneval is a big deal in Slovenia and I always want to show up there with a unique costume. That's how I first got into it."

And do you always cosplay Magic characters?

Šabec: "This is the first time I did a Magic cosplay, so that's new for me. I do enjoy it a lot though, mostly for its fantasy background. I'm starting to get more into the game as well, but I have only been playing it for two months."

The stunning Elspeth costume that Dora Šabec created!

I saw that you're running a white and black deck. Do you also run Elspeth?

Šabec: "Sadly, I don't own the card; as soon as I open one, I'll add her to my decks. I promise to never sell her!"

Will we see you more often at the larger events from now on?

Šabec: "I will probably attend all the events we have in Slovenia as well as the Grand Prix that are somewhat close to me. It's quite a hassle to transport all the parts of the costume to the event venue and this only really works when we can drive there like we did this weekend. Who knows, I might show up in Warsaw again with the costume."

Will you also start cosplaying other Magic characters or will you stick with Elspeth?

Šabec: "There's a chance I'll create a new costume for the next Prerelease. It feels more special if you only wear them a few select times rather than all the time. It's just nice to make a new costume every once in a while."

Thank you for the quick interview!