Posted in NEWS on March 8, 2014

By Marc Calderaro

There were plenty of names on the bubble this round. Now, "on the bubble" is a bit of a misnomer. Though a 7-2 finish is good enough to make the second day, because of the tournament size, that record pretty much locks players out of the Top 8, most likely the Top 16 as well. However, they can still put up a strong, money finish. But to do that, they need to win here. So, these pros are "on the bubble" to be invited back into Sunday action.

Marc Lalague

Two-time Grand Prix winner, Marc Lalague had to beat a tough matchup against Ad Nauseam, but was able to take it down 2-1 to advance to the Sunday stage.

Osyp Lebedwicz

Old salt, Osyp Lebedwicz was frustratingly trying to push his robots through for the final points, but ended up with a draw.

Joe Demestrio

Grinder and Grand Prix Portland finalist Joe Demestrio has been holding solid with Burn, and went up quickly in the first game then just as quickly snatched the second to 2-0 his way into tomorrow. (Sometimes it's nice to play Burn. Win or lose, you get to go home early.)

Christian Calcano

Fellow New York–native and Grand Prix winner Christian Calcano was also battling for his life, slinging Maelstrom Pulses and Inquisition of Kozileks like nobody's business. He took the match down with relative ease.

Brian Kibler

And finally Brian Kibler, ever the crowd pleaser, tried to battle out with his Naya monsters. In fact he was pleasing the crowd so long, he was one of the last matches to finish. Like a showman, he pulled out the victory in the dramatic moments of the round. A flourish at the finish.

With the exception of poor Osyp, all these players were able to convert. This is unsurprising, as they're used to this type of pressure, but it's surely a comfort that they are still money-alive for tomorrow, if Top 8–dead.