Bad Eggs

Posted in Building on a Budget on May 28, 2004

By Nate Heiss

Note: This is a variation from the original article posted – there was a serious error with the deck and my apologies to those it confused.

Urza's BaubleThe original cog! has been throwing around a lot of combo terms lately, cogs and engines and whatnot. I first used cogs early on in my deck building years, back when Ice Age had just been released. I wanted to make a Tim deck. For those of you unfamiliar with who or what Tim is, it really has nothing to do with the 'Timmy' you hear so much about. Tim refers to the card Prodigal Sorcerer – a beloved card for many. When Ice Age came out it produced a second Tim in the form of Zuran Spellcaster. While that gave me 8 Tims, I wanted my deck to be composed entirely of Tims, so I needed about 20 or so more. This is where cogs came in…you see, Ice Age introduced Barbed Sextant (better known as Chromatic Sphere) and Urza's Bauble (the classic cog), along with many other spells called cantrips that did something inconsequential and then drew a card (eventually). By filling my deck with cogs I effectively made it smaller than a 60 card deck. The belief was that a 60 card deck with 4 Urza's Baubles might as well be 56 cards.

Today's deck uses a similar concept but in a more machine like fashion for machine week. Cogs are great for running through your deck, and engines are great for turning events into effects. This is how Bad Eggs was formed. This deck is actually an older deck that I am revisiting for this week. It is legal on Magic Online Extended, but not standard. Either way it isn't really a tournament powerhouse. It is more to illustrate a point and maybe have a little fun with your opponents, since you will be defeating them with really bad cards…Nate Heiss style. I forget exactly where the roots of this deck come from, but I believe it was the English – only they could manage to make a combo deck that was Red and Green.

Building on a Budget: Bad Eggs

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As far as Budget constraints go, I think many people would pay you to take these cards from them so they wouldn't have to look at them in their collections anymore. While the Egg deck has been around and people joke every so often, it actually works to a reasonable degree. You can win by turn 7 usually, and often before that, depending on your draw. The key to the deck is to create a flow of cards from the hand to the table to the graveyard while staving off death by butting little squirrels in the way or casting Moment's Peace until the fog is too thick to breathe. You will usually kill your opponent via attacking with large numbers of squirrels and Disciple of the Vault, although the older versions of this deck killed with Nantuko Shrine alone. The Disciples help move things along a little faster.

The deck plays out by playing an Egg on the first turn. Pop it on the second turn to play two more eggs (or a Disciple off a black egg). On the third turn, cast a Shrine if possible. If you don't have a shrine, start cracking your eggs to find one, you will need it. Going off doesn't work like it usually does with combo decks, where some amount of shenanigans to some infinite degree go on the stack. Instead, you must Egg your way through it. Continually sacrifice and cast more Eggs and watch your Disciple and Shrines do their work. You probably will not run out of Eggs, unless you decide to bake a really large cake…..ok that was a bad attempt at a joke. You can laugh now. Really.

At any rate, you will not be able to kill you opponent all on the 4th turn because eventually you run out of mana, but rather of the course of several turns ranging from turns 5 to 7.

Tips on playing the deck

  • Pyrite Spellbombs are often better sacrificed for damage
  • If you have a Disciple in your hand, remember to play a Black producing Egg on the first turn. There are no other ways to cast Disciple except off of Spellbombs. It isn't that hard overall.
  • Always play out your second Shrine if you have it before going off, it's worth the wait.
  • Remember that in order for the Shrines to trigger on playing a new Egg, the old eggs need to be in the graveyard. It is always good to break your eggs.
  • You might have to work hard to find the Shrines, don't be afraid to mulligan.
  • Before playing, ask your opponent how he would like his eggs.

Adding more money to the deck

City of BrassA great addition to improve your mana's consistencyA great addition to improve your mana's consistency

Since this is a cog based deck, it is difficult to change the maindeck without hurting the consistency of the deck. There are many good card Fifth Dawn that work well with cogs, but since this series is primarily for Magic Online, I won't be talking about Fifth Dawn for a while. The one thing this deck really could use is multi colored lands – City of Brass would be a great addition. It would let you cast Disciples and give your low land count mana base more colored mana. The low land count isn't a big deal since the entire deck basically lets you draw cards, but it's annoying to get the wrong color early on. Besides that, you could try to include different engine cards. Instead of the current Shrine engine, you could work with an Arcbound Crusher Engine or anything else that triggers on artifacts entering or leaving play. This is mostly a casual deck with a lot of flavor, but it really illustrates how cogs work together. Serum Powder can help you make sure you get a Shrine in your opening hand.

Until next time, Rukh Egg, or mama Rukh will be mad!

-Nate Heiss
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