Dream Droplets

Posted in Building on a Budget on July 2, 2004

By Nate Heiss

Well of Lost Dreams
Since Darksteel came out, many people have eyed Well of Lost Dreams and wondered what things might come of it. The card seems so breakable, so full of untapped power. Gaining life is easy, and this makes drawing cards easy too. However, we have yet to see any deck really abuse the Well.

This deck cannot lay claim to abusing the Well of Lost Dreams as much as I had dreamed, but it certainly puts the card to good use. Those of you who are familiar with basic card advantage theory will recognize that when you draw a whole bunch of extra cards and your opponent does not, you will likely win no matter what those cards are, as long as they do something reasonably useful.

This deck puts that theory to the test. In some ways it reminds me of forms of martial arts that focus on using the attacker's own power against them by redirecting it and channeling it to your own purpose. When you are attacked by your opponent, you will be able to put many counters on your Sun Droplet that, when combined with the Well of Lost Dreams, allow you to draw many cards and stop their assault while rising back to your original life total with the Droplet. After all is said and done, you are not hurt and you come out ahead on cards.

Building on a Budget: Dream Droplets (about 30 tickets)

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This deck revolves around trading cards for cards (card parity) while staying at a stable or rising life total until you are able to get out a Well of Lost Dreams. Once you get out a Well, you will quickly start to take overwhelming advantage of the game by flooding the board with medium sized creatures.

First things first, however –how you stabilize the board. The initial step is casting Sun Droplet, which will allow you to undo all the damage your opponent does assuming you are able to stop them at some point. If they cannot do more than 2 damage each turn, then the Droplet will simply negate it.

There are 3 basic ways to halt your opponent:

  1. You can use Whipcorders to tap their creatures, followed up by a Solar Tide (killing their large creatures and keeping your Whipcroders safe)
  2. Use Wall of Hope to negate their attacks. Wall of Hope means that if they attack with two 2/2 creatures, then their attack nets 0 damage because you gain 2 life from blocking with the Wall. They need at least one 3-power creature or three 2-power creatures to damage you. This helps prevent death to weenie rushes.
  3. Trade off your creatures 1-for-1. Guys like Venerable Monk are just waiting to block and trade with an attacker. Even blocking and trading with an Emissary of Hope is fine. You will recoup those cards later once you draw a Well of Lost Dreams. Living until that point is the hard part. Loxodon Warhammer will help you trade off for larger creatures while keeping your life total stable.

Once you have the Well in play, it's all gravy. Pretty much everything you do becomes ludicrous. Play a Venerable Monk, draw 2 cards. Gain life off of Sun Droplet, draw cards. Block with Wall of Hope, draw cards. Use Loxodon Warhammer, draw as much as you would like. At this point you just play out everything and run over your opponent with sheer numbers. It might take a few turns, but victory is essentially assured.

Tips on Playing the Deck

  • Noble Templar
    Play your Secluded Steppes on the first turn so they don't slow you down, and Plainscycle your Noble Templar early. They are only good for stopping large attackers, but aren't that great because they die to the Solar Tide.
  • It is generally better to use Whipcorder to tap a creature down rather than blocking and trading. Whipcorder essentially always quasi-trades with their best attacker for the upkeep of a white mana, when you want the ability.
  • If your choice is between Gold Myr and Sun Droplet on the second turn, with most decks you would typically want to play Gold Myr. Not with this deck – you normally want that Droplet out there as fast as possible to recoup the full amount of life. Mana Acceleration can wait!
  • Generally you will not be entwining the Solar Tide, but there are situations where you will need to do it in order to survive. If their horde of various-sized monsters is getting you down, sweeping the board and letting your Sun Droplets heal you for a few turns can be the correct play.
  • Emissary of Hope is your only evasion creature – it is good for getting in damage, especially while equipped with Loxodon Warhammer. I chose the Emissary because of the nice ability, but you could put any evasion creature in that slot.

Adding Money to the Deck

Exalted Angel
It would be very nice to add Green to this deck, allowing the use of Birds of Paradise and a few synergistic green cards like Ravenous Baloth and Ageless Entity. If you enjoy the Elf strategies, Wellwisher can also do some nasty things with Well of Lost Dreams. Overall, the best card that could possibly be added to this deck is Exalted Angel – mother of all life gain, beatings, and everything in between. If you wanted to take a much more controllish route, you could pull out all the mediocre creatures and use Wrath of God with Icy Manipulator, but you might find yourself winning without the help of Well of Lost Dreams.

This deck is a great way to learn about card advantage – enjoy!

Until next time, may your avatar be as big as you are!

-Nate Heiss
NateHeiss on Magic Online

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