Magic Online Weekend Premier Events

Posted in Building on a Budget on September 18, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic Online is running special events almost every Saturday and Sunday. Whether they are Release Events, Weekend Challenges, or Classic Product Tournaments, you will have exciting special events available to compete in every weekend.

Here is the upcoming schedule of weekend premier events. As always we reserve the right to make schedule changes as needed.

Magic Online Weekend Premier Events Schedule

    Saturday Event   Sunday Event
April 3 UZ Release Events/Season III LCQ 4 UZ Release Events
  10 MOCS Season III Championship 11 Urza's Saga Championship
  17   18 PTQ Amsterdam
  24 7E I 25  
May 1   2 MVW I Tournament
  8 ROE Prerelease/MOCS Season IV LCQ 9 MOCS Season IV Championship
  15 ROE Release Events 16 ROE Release Events
  22 ROE Release Events 23 ROE Release Events
  29 Rise of the Eldrazi Championship 30 MOCS Season V LCQ
June 5 MOCS Season V Championship 6 PTQ Amsterdam
  12 MED I Tournament 13 PTQ Amsterdam
  19 CSP I Tournament 20 PTQ Amsterdam
  26 UL Release Events/MOCS Season VI LCQ 27 UL Release Events


These tournaments allow players the opportunity to compete with and earn previously released products on Magic Online. Watch for separate FAQ sheets about each classic product release event. Details for each Classic product tournament will be posted on the What's Happening page before they are scheduled to begin.


Release events typically run for 1-2 weeks after a product first goes on sale in the Magic Online store. Details for each product release event series and championship will be posted on the What's Happening page before they are scheduled to begin.


One Weekend Challenge will be offered for each supported specialty format (Standard Singleton, 100-Card Singleton, Pauper, and Classic) each weekend. Each format's Weekend Challenge start time will rotate from week-to-week to accommodate players with different schedules. You can see the specific start times of each event in the Event Schedule Calendar.

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