Mirror Mirror

Posted in Building on a Budget on January 29, 2009

By Jacob Van Lunen

Jacob Van Lunen began playing Magic in 1995. He has participated in organized play at every level of competition and was a member of the winning team at Pro Tour San Diego in 2007, thanks to an innovative draft strategy. As a writer, Van Lunen has had more than three hundred Magic strategy pieces published

It's been a year since the Lorwyn Prerelease. I remember the tournament well, though. I opened a card that got me really excited.

Mirror Entity

Very little explanation is needed for those of you that had the pleasure of playing with Mirror Entity in Limited. The card outright wins games. It demanded that your opponent have a removal spell right away. I expected this card to be a runaway Constructed hit. Unfortunately, it never really caught on. I still can't figure out why this card hasn't seen much play. In honor of my favorite Lorwyn rare ... may I humbly present "Mirror Mirror."

Mirror Mirror

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How It Works

Overall, it's a pretty straightforward concept. However, there are a few hidden gems here. You can use Heritage Druid to protect the Mirror Entity and his minions the turn you play them:

Pay to activate Mirror Entity. All my creatures are now 1/1 Elves. Tap six creatures for six mana and activate Mirror Entity again to make all my creatures 6/6.

Each card plays a particular role in the deck's inner workings.

Treefolk Harbinger: Treefolk Harbinger fetches up our Mirror Entity and holds the fort while the deck amasses an army. It's important that we actually draw a Mirror Entity or Ajani Goldmane. The harbinger is one of the best ways to do this.

Llanowar Elves: Llanowar Elves ramp us into our powerful token producers like Cloudgoat Ranger and Spectral Procession. Once Mirror Entity gets going, any size body becomes an extremely relevant threat.

Heritage Druid: Heritage Druid is very important in protecting the Mirror Entity. We can make huge amounts of tokens and a Mirror Entity and just get our key card burned out. Heritage Druid lets us use the "gain all creature types" clause on Mirror Entity to protect it from whatever one of our opponent's might play.

Devoted Druid: Devoted Druid ramps our mana very quickly. We can play this fine young lady on our second turn and use it to play a Cloudgoat Ranger on our third. It can also be used to combo with other cards in our deck. We can activate our Mirror Entity for an arbitrarily large amount and use our Devoted Druid to play whatever our hearts desire.

Mirror Entity: Not much needs to be said for this card. The deck is built around abusing the current lack of Wrath of God effects in the casual room and nothing takes advantage of that more than Mirror Entity.

Hunting Triad: Our deck wants to be playing a lot of token production. Hunting Triad doubles as a combat trick.

Spectral Procession: Three fliers for one card. This seems absolutely amazing to me.

Cloudgoat Ranger: The best of all the token producers in the deck. Cloudgoat Ranger is an amazing threat on its own and can become especially absurd when you're combining it with a Mirror Entity or Ajani Goldmane.

Activate Ajani, swing with my team, before blockers are declared; tap three tokens give Cloadgoat Ranger +2/+0 and flying.

Ajani Goldmane: Ajani Goldmane is absurdly powerful. He makes your attacks more potent and makes your opponent's attacks very difficult.

Crib Swap: A removal spell for problem cards. You can search for it with your Harbinger.

The deck seemed pretty tight, so I brought it into the casual room to play some games.

Round 1 vs. Elementals

I mulliganed down to six on the play and kept Forest, Plains, Devoted Druid, Cloudgoat Ranger, Cloudgoat Ranger, and Ajani Goldmane. My Devoted Druid was the first play of the game. I had drawn into a pair of Plains. My opponent played a "comes into play tapped" land on his first two turns. I played my turn-three Cloudgoat Ranger and passed. My opponent played a Ravenous Rats. I discarded a Plains. I played Ajani Goldmane and attacked with the team. I gave my Cloudgoat Ranger +2/+0 and flying before blockers were declared. On my opponent's turn he played Firespout destroying everything but my Cloudgoat Ranger. I played another Cloudgoat Ranger, used Ajani's -1 ability and got in for 7 in the air with the first Ranger (I used the tokens from the other to give the first flying.) My opponent scooped it up the next turn.


Round 2 vs. Red Burn

I kept Forest, Llanowar Elves, Plains, Mirror Entity, Spectral Procession, Plains, and Hunting Triad on the draw. My opponent played a Ghitu Encampment and I played my Elves. My opponent had a second-turn Incinerate for my Elves. I played a second land and played the Heritage druid I had drawn. My opponent played a Boggart Ram-Gang and attacked for 3. I drew Crib Swap, played a land and passed. My opponent attacked me and I played the Swap. My opponent passed. I played Hunting Triad, and my opponent played Flame Javelin targeting me. On his turn he played Demigod of Revenge. I went to 8. On my turn I played Spectral Procession and Devoted druid. He attacked with the Demigod and I blocked with a token. I played Mirror Entity the next turn. He attempted to Incinerate the Entity but I activated it for 4. On his turn he played another Demigod and attacked with both. I untapped my devoted druid and activated my Mirror Entity. I tapped six untapped "Elves" and activated the Mirror Entity for 6. I blocked both Demigods. The next turn I was able to swing for lethal damage.


Round 3 vs. a black deck with Underworld Dreams

I kept Forest, Plains, Plains, Plains, Devoted Druid, Cloudgoat Ranger, and Mirror Entity on the draw. My opponent played a Swamp and passed. I drew a Llanowar Elves, played it, and passed. My opponent played another swamp and Terrored my Elves. I played Devoted Druid and passed, and my opponent played a turn-three Underworld Dreams. I untapped, drew Crib Swamp, and played Cloudgoat Ranger. On his turn he played another Underworld Dreams. I played Mirror Entity and attacked with my team, making everything a 2/2. On his turn he untapped and played a Cruel Edict, then another. I sacrificed two tokens. On my next turn I activated my Mirror Entity for 5 and attacked to end the game.


Round 4 vs. White Control

I mulliganed on the play and kept Plains, Plains, Plains, Spectral Procession, Spectral Procession, and Spectral Procession. My opponent and I played Plains back and forth at each other until I played a third and played Spectral Procession. On his turn he played a Story Circle. I ripped like a champ and drew Ajani Goldmane to attack for 6. He played another Plains and passed. Wary of Wrath of God, I attacked for 6 (which he prevented) and gained 2 life with Ajani. I continued to attack and keep my opponent tapped out preventing the damage until I had amassed a pair of Cloudgoat Rangers in my hand. I played a Cloudgoat Ranger and gave my team some counters, and my opponent once again prevented the damage from the tokens. On his turn he played Wrath of God. On my turn I played another Cloudgoat Ranger and a Spectral Procession and gave my team some counters. My opponent untapped, played a land, and passed. I gave my team some more counters and attacked, and my opponent prevented most of the damage. On his next turn he played an Austere Command to destroy all creatures. He slowly used his Story Circle to prevent me from doing anything. Eventually he played a Twilight Shepherd and attacked me until I died.


Round 5 vs. Red Creatures

I mulliganed on the play and kept Forest, Plains, Forest, Treefolk Harbinger, Spectral Procession, and Hunting Triad. I played the Harbinger and fetched my Mirror Entity. My opponent played a Mountain and a Goblin Mountaineer. I untapped, drew another Spectral Procession, played another land, and passed. He played Mudbrawler Cohort and attacked with both creatures. I blocked the 2/2. I drew a Devoted Druid and played it. He attacked with both again, and I blocked both. He tapped out for Ashenmoor Gouger. I untapped, drew a Plains, and played Spectral Procession. He attacked with everything again, and I blocked all except the Gouger. I drew Cloudgoat Ranger and played it. On his turn he attacked with just the Ashenmoor Gouger. I took the 4, then he played another Gouger. On my turn I drew a Heritage Druid, played the Mirror Entity and the Druid, and attacked for some damage in the air. He attacked with both Gougers, and I blocked one with my Harbinger. He played Spiteful Visions. On my turn I drew a land and Ajani and played them both, gave my team some counters, and attacked with everyone. After blocks, I activated my mirror entity for 1 and then used all my creatures to make more mana with Heritage Druid. All my guys ended up being 8/8s, and I won that turn.


Round 6 vs. Mono-Blue Control

I was on the play, and I kept Forest, Forest, Plains, Devoted Druid, Hunting Triad, Treefolk Harbinger, and Ajani Goldmane. I played my Harbinger on turn one and got my Mirror Entity. My opponent played an Island and passed. I drew a Plains and played my Devoted Druid, and my opponent played another Island and passed. I played Spectral Procession, and it resolved. He played another Island. I drew Cloudgoat Ranger, attacked for 3, and attempted to play the Ranger, but my opponent had Remove Soul. He played another Island. I drew another Ranger, attacked for 3, and my second Ranger met another Remove Soul. He played another Island and passed again. I attacked with my team, and he flashed in a Faerie Harbinger searching up Faerie Trickery. After blocks, I used my Hunting Triad to pump the token. I then used the Druid and my leftover Plains to play my Mirror Entity. He drew, played an Island, and passed. I attacked with everyone and used Mirror Entity to make some nice pumps, and he conceded.


Round 7 vs. Red-Green Aggro

On the draw, I kept Llanowar Elves, Heritage Druid, Trefolk Harbinger, Forest, Mirror Entity, Plains, and Cloudgoat Ranger. My opponent played Llanowar Elves on turn one, and I mirrored the play. On turn two he played Troll Ascetic and passed. I played my Harbinger, getting another Mirror Entity, and played my Druid. My opponent played a Blanchwood Armor on his Troll (with two Forests in play), attacked me for 5, and passed. I drew and played my Mirror Entity. On his turn he played another Forest, Incinerated my Mirror Entity, and attacked for 6. On my turn I played another Mirror Entity. He played a Puncture Blast this time and attacked again. I drew the land I needed and played a Cloudgoat Ranger. He attacked with the Troll, and I chump-blocked it with the Harbinger. I drew Hunting Triad and attacked with everyone but two tokens. (That's enough to survive one burn spell. If he has two burn spells I'm dead anyway.) I used the Triad to pump my Ranger and put my opponent on a two-turn clock. He played a sixth land and attacked. I tried to chump-block with a token, but he had Epic Proportions for the win.


Round 8 vs. White Weenie

I was on the play, and I kept Llanowar Elves, Treefolk Harbinger, Ajani Goldmane, Forest, Plains, Plains, and Spectral Procession. I played my Elves on the first turn, and my opponent played Goldmeadow Harrier. I played Treefolk Harbinger, fetching my Mirror Entity, on turn two. He played a Wizened Cenn. I played Spectral Procession on turn three, and he played Kithkin Harbinger fetching up another Wizened Cenn. I played Ajani and gave my team some counters before sending in the flyers. On his turn he played the Cenn and attacked with the Harbinger. I blocked it with my Harbinger, and everyone lived. On my turn I played another land and played the Mirror Entity, gave my team more counters, and attacked with the flyers again. He untapped and played his own Ajani, killing both of them. I untapped, activated my Mirror Entity for a lot, and attacked, but he stopped me with Holy Day and attacked back On my next turn I activated and attacked for just enough to kill him, and met another Holy Day. Things went on like this until he had played all four Holy Day. Eventually he didn't have a Fog, and I won the game.


I haven't put together a sideboard yet, but I'm sure it would include Burrenton Forge-Tender. Adding a Gilt-leaf Archdruid or two would allow you to use Mirror Entity to steal all your opponents lands.

Burrenton Forge Tender
Gilt-Leaf Archdruid

The Prerelease is this weekend, and I hope all of you are looking forward to it as much as I am. I'll be playing at the Champion Challenge at the big Prerelease in Philadelphia, so you should come by and play a match with me if you get the chance.

Happy brewing, and remember to find your pet card from Conflux! (See last week's article.)

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