Offering of a Lifetime

Posted in Building on a Budget on June 25, 2004

By Nate Heiss

Death Pit Offering
Death Pit Offering. Go on, take a look at the card if you don't know what it does….

Everyone take a good gander? When this card was first released, I spent a good three weeks coming up with crazy decks just to use this card in. This card is flat out fun to play with. Sure, sometimes it slaughters all of your loyal troops…but it does this for the greater good, providing +2/+2 for everyone to come in the future. Besides, if you're playing this card, you probably like Black and are used to regularly throwing your men into the disposal, recycling them for some other use. When you think about it, Black is a very environmentally friendly color…always reusing bodies, never wasting. Take that, Angel week!

I was never one for angels anyhow.

Building on a Budget: Offering of a Lifetime

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Step 1: Sacrifice to the Offering.

While you don't NEED to sacrifice anything, it is always a good idea to have some men that enjoy being sacrificed for the common good. I used Symbiotic Elf, but any of the three Symbiotic creatures could be used (Beast and Wurm being the other two). You start with a 2/2 and then all the sudden you have two 3/3s! Now that's what I call taking one for the team. If you want to add a lot more money to the deck, Solemn Simulacrum works very well too.

Step 2: Reap the benefits of the Offer.

Death Pit Offering is so much fun because it allows you to play with certain cards like Natural Affinity and One Dozen Eyes to make for a rip-roaring good old time. Why create 2/2 lands when they can be 4/4s? Why make five 1/1s when you can make five 3/3s? Any sort of card that generates multiple tokens would work well here – Genesis Chamber, Raise the Alarm, whatever – but I decided to go Green so One Dozen Eyes works for me.

Natural Affinity with Death Pit Offering has been a longtime favorite from the peanut gallery. With a name like Natural Affinity, you might think the card would have something to do with artifacts or reducing the mana cost of something Green. However, this card instead does something entirely different – smash face. After casting an Explosive Vegetation, it doesn't take much for this card to become lethal with an Offering already on the table.

The basic plan here is to use a Myr or Wirewood Elf to accelerate out one of your 4-drops – the Offering, Vegetation, or a Symbiotic Elf – then go on to abuse this in the appropriate manner. Most of the time your draw won't be stellar without Death Pit Offering, but using an Explosive Vegetation to ramp up to a One Dozen Eyes (perhaps with the entwine) can put a serious hamper on your opponents beats. Dark Banishing and Smother come to aid from the bench when there is a nasty critter that just won't stop causing trouble.

If you get in trouble you should try to use a surprise tactic to come from behind. Try to lure them into an over-committing attack and then swing back with a Natural Affinity for the win.

Tips on Playing the Deck:

  • Double Deal! If you think one Death Pit Offering is fun to use – watch what happens when you put a second one on the table! These bad boys stack! All the sudden those One Dozen Eye tokens become 5/5…and I'm talking about the little ones.
  • Don't over commit your mana creatures before you play a Death Pit Offering – if you are past the point of accelerating to anything worthwhile and you don't need the extra mana, keep those mana creatures in your hand – after you play a Death Pit Offering they will become more menacing.
  • Natural Affinity is just as good on defense as it is on offense – don't hesitate to double or triple block with some lands to turn it into a creature-kill spell.
  • When you cast Explosive Vegetation, keep in mind that you will only need 2 swamps ever – make the rest of your mana Forests for the Entwine of One Dozen Eyes.
  • Make sure they are tapped out if you are going for the Natural Affinity kill – their lands become creatures too! However, yours are probably still bigger.

Adding More Money to the Deck:

Solemn Simulacrum
Solemn Simulacrum is a great addition since it gets you more mana for your Natural Affinity and draws a card when it dies to the Death Pit Offering. Birds of Paradise is another great card since it fixes your colors and accelerates you – also, it's a one-mana 2/3 flying attacker with the Offering out! Blinkmoth Nexus has some of the benefits of Birds of Paradise, but you can have it in play pre-Offering and have it reap the benefits after everything else dies…very tricky! Kamahl, Fist of Krosa is always a fun addition to this type of deck. Try him out if you want to have fun making your lands into 3/3s on the fly. Ambush Commander can do similar things if you change your mana base to include more Forests. With Fifth Dawn you can use the card Rude Awakening – which is essentially a pumped-up Natural Affinity. For those of you wondering why I'm not using Fifth Dawn cards yet – it is because this series is primarily for Magic Online users, and until Fifth Dawn is available to them, it is unavailable to me.

Until Next Time, ring the Kormus Bell.

-Nate Heiss
NateHeiss on Magic Online

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