Weekly Nix Tix Rotation

Posted in Building on a Budget on February 3, 2010

By Mike Gills

Each week we will offer these drafts (no event tickets required) on different product in order to make it easier to try and earn qualifier points for the season championships, to coincide with our Weekend Premier Events, or to offer opportunities to play with previously released product. The announced events will start after each week’s downtime and run until the next one begins.

If the set currently has draft queues available, we will replace those queues with Nix Tix versions. If not, we will create a Nix Tix 4-3-2-2 draft queue for the scheduled period.

Here is the schedule of upcoming Weekly Nix Tix events for 2010:

Shards of Alara block boostersJun 23 – 30
IPAJun 30 - Jul 7
TPFJul 7 – 14
RGDJul 14 – 21
M10Jul 21 – 28
LRW/MORJul 28 – Aug 4
SHM/EVEAug 4 – 11
Shards of Alara block boostersAug 11 – 18
ME-ME2-ME3*Aug 18 – 25
CBSAug 25 – Sep 1
MD5Sep 1 - 8
OLSSep 8 – 15
OTJSep 15 - 22
IPASep 22 - 29
7ESep 29 – Oct 6

*Both Nix Pax and Nix Tix queues will be set up for these products.

As always we reserve the right to make schedule changes as needed.

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