Card of the Day - April, 2004

Posted in Feature on April 1, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Card of the Day - vendredi 30 avril 2004

Wall of Blossoms

Stronghold uncommon.
On the original list of cards for Planeshift, this card was insane with gating (and too powerful even on its own).

Card of the Day - jeudi 29 avril 2004

Rack and Ruin

Urza's Legacy uncommon.
Rack and Ruin was on the original list for Darksteel but was removed for being too good against the block's central theme.

Card of the Day - mercredi 28 avril 2004

Goblin Grenade

Fallen Empires common.
Considered for reprinting in Onslaught, Goblin Grenade was way too good with the goblins of that block.

Card of the Day - mardi 27 avril 2004

Song of Blood

Visions common.
Like Mulch, this card was considered as a reprint for Odyssey but was too powerful with Threshold.

Card of the Day - lundi 26 avril 2004


Stronghold uncommon.
Originally intended as a reprint in Odyssey, the effect proved too powerful in combination with threshold.

Card of the Day - vendredi 23 avril 2004

Waiting in the Weeds

Intended to produce Squirrel tokens, the art was only supposed to show eyes, not distinguishable creatures. When the art came back the tokens were changed to cats.

Card of the Day - jeudi 22 avril 2004


Legerdemain (which means "sleight of hand") was created because the designers wanted more effects like Juxtapose and Gauntlets of Chaos.

Card of the Day - mercredi 21 avril 2004


The art for Unmask reveals that when Takara hid on the Weatherlight it was actually Volrath.

Card of the Day - mardi 20 avril 2004


Urza's Destiny rare.
During design Replenish affected both graveyards. It was changed to differentiate it more from Living Death.

Card of the Day - lundi 19 avril 2004


Urza's Saga common.
Hush was the first cycling card ever designed.

Card of the Day - vendredi 16 avril 2004

Riven Turnbull

Legends uncommon.
Like all legends at that time, Riven Turnbull was restricted to 1 copy per deck until Ice Age was released in 1995.

Card of the Day - jeudi 15 avril 2004

Serendib Efreet

Arabian Nights uncommon.
When Serendib Efreet was reprinted in Revised a printing error caused it to have a green background and have the art from Ifh-Biff Efreet.

Card of the Day - mercredi 14 avril 2004

Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero

Nemesis rare.
The only creature ever banned from a Block Constructed format for power issues. (Timmerian Fiends is also banned, but because it's an ante card.)

Card of the Day - mardi 13 avril 2004

Ali from Cairo

Arabian Nights rare.
The first creature ever added to the restricted list, Ali from Cairo was limited to 1 per deck from January 1994 to April of 1996.

Card of the Day - lundi 12 avril 2004


Darksteel uncommon.
Juggernaut was banned when the Extended format was first created, and is the only creature to ever be banned and then reprinted.

Card of the Day - vendredi 9 avril 2004

Solar Tide

Mirrodin rare.
Although its price is somewhat steep compared to other Standard sweepers like Wrath of God and Akroma's Vengeance, Solar Tide's versatility and creature selectivity could earn it a powerful place in a deck alongside fatties or weenies.

Card of the Day - jeudi 8 avril 2004


Darksteel rare.
With all of Mirrodin block's artifact mana that doesn't come into play tapped, and other low-cost artifacts, Retract has strong potential interactions with Scourge's Storm mechanic.

Card of the Day - mercredi 7 avril 2004

Chimney Imp

Mirrodin common.
While Chimney Imp is tied with Skirge Familiar for the title of "Magic's priciest imp" at 4 ManaBlack Mana, it is one of only two creatures (Chittering Rats) and six cards total (Stunted Growth, Painful Memories, Agonizing Memories and Volrath's Dungeon) that produce a similar effect.

Card of the Day - mardi 6 avril 2004

Savage Beating

Darksteel rare.
Imprint this card on a Spellbinder for potentially unlimited number of attack phases. Win the game in one turn with twenty Savage Beatings from a lowly Suntail Hawk!

Card of the Day - lundi 5 avril 2004

Synod Sanctum

Mirrodin uncommon.
As originally designed, this Safe Haven-like artifact could only save artifacts. It was reduced in cost and changed to "target permanent" to widen the applicability of its unique effect.

Card of the Day - vendredi 2 avril 2004


Starter rare.
The flavor text on Vizzerdrix's Starter versions makes reference to its bunny-beast cousin from Tempest, Kezzerdrix.

Card of the Day - jeudi 1 avril 2004

Field of Dreams

Legends rare.
Legends lead designer Steve Conard was such a movie buff that he stuck all his favorite movies into the set as card titles. While many of these cards (such as Field of Dreams,The Abyss, Backdraft and Moat) made it into the set, a few others (Star Wars and Beaches) got cut during the set's two and a half days of development.

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