Card of the Day - July, 2003

Posted in Feature on July 1, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Card of the Day - jeudi 31 juillet 2003

Elvish Pioneer

Eighth Edition common.
Even though Llanowar Elves is gone from the Core Set, their legacy lives on in the new art for Elvish Pioneer.

Card of the Day - mercredi 30 juillet 2003

Merchant of Secrets

Eighth Edition common.
The very first three mana 1/1 cantrip creature was the green Pyknite from Ice Age.

Card of the Day - mardi 29 juillet 2003

Western Paladin

Eighth Edition rare.
A good way to remember which black Paladin kills which color of creature is mnemonically: the W in "Western" also stands for "White."

Card of the Day - lundi 28 juillet 2003

Elfhame Palace

Eighth Edition uncommon.
Of the five Invasion dual lands put into Eighth Edition, only Elfhame Palace received new art.

Card of the Day - vendredi 25 juillet 2003

Phyrexian Plaguelord

Eighth Edition rare.
As the "one new card from every expansion" gimmick was being fleshed out for Eighth Edition, Thrashing Wumpus was kicked out of the set in favor of the Plaguelord.

Card of the Day - jeudi 24 juillet 2003

Rukh Egg

Eighth Edition rare.
The original wording on the Arabian Nights Egg created the 4/4 token if the Egg went to the graveyard from anywhere, even your hand.

Card of the Day - mercredi 23 juillet 2003

Death Pit Offering

Core Set rare.
Death Pit Offering's drawback of sacrificing your creatures has been changed into a triggered ability for Eighth Edition, meaning it can now be side-stepped with Stifle.

Card of the Day - mardi 22 juillet 2003

Staunch Defenders

Core Set uncommon.
What a difference one mana makes. Staunch Defenders is a 3/4 for 3WW, and never sees competitive play these days. Its smaller cousin, Teroh's Faithful, is a 1/4 for 3W, and sees regular play in Astral Slide decks and is often used as a sideboard card against Goblin decks.

Card of the Day - lundi 21 juillet 2003

Ivory Cup

Core Set Uncommon.
One of the 5 "Lucky Charms", it is one of the few cards that has appeared in every Core Set since Alpha.

Card of the Day - vendredi 18 juillet 2003

Ivory Mask

Mercadian Masques rare.
In design, this card was called Protective Bubble.

Card of the Day - jeudi 17 juillet 2003

Spreading Algae

Urza's Saga uncommon.
This color hoser was inspired by the Alpha card Kudzu.

Card of the Day - mercredi 16 juillet 2003

Coat of Arms

Exodus rare.
The popularity of this card showed R&D that the tribal theme was popular and helped lead to the creation of the Onslaught block.

Card of the Day - mardi 15 juillet 2003

Rolling Stones

Stronghold rare.
This card was created as a beefed up version of the Alpha card Animate Wall. Ironically, Stronghold had only one wall with a power greater than 0.

Card of the Day - lundi 14 juillet 2003

Trained Armodon

Tempest common.
Very few vanilla creatures (creatures without rules text) end up in tournament play. The Trained Armodon is one of the few exceptions.

Card of the Day - vendredi 11 juillet 2003


This card was designed as a "cleaned up" version of the Alpha card Glasses of Urza. R&D didn't like how the card made players constantly reveal their hand. In addition, they felt the card worked better as a blue enchantment.

Card of the Day - jeudi 10 juillet 2003


This card was designed as a "cleaned up" version of the Alpha card Library of Leng.

Card of the Day - mercredi 9 juillet 2003

Death Pits of Rath

This Tempest card's final title was also its playtest name. The naming team liked it so much, they decided to use Rath as the name of the shadow plane where the Tempest block took place.

Card of the Day - mardi 8 juillet 2003


The card name of this popular creature from Ice Age is often mispronounced. The correct pronunciation is "Lure - Goif".

Card of the Day - lundi 7 juillet 2003

Urza's Mine

When Anson Maddock turned in his original art for this card from Antiquities, it illustrated a "land mine" as opposed to a "excavation mine".

Card of the Day - vendredi 4 juillet 2003

Tireless Tribe

Odyssey common.
When Tireless Tribe was changed from a 2/2 to a 1/1 to even out white's commons for Limited, no one expected the card to show up in Standard. The fact that it has just emphasizes the power of "symbiotes."

Card of the Day - jeudi 3 juillet 2003

Stronghold Assassin

Seventh Edition rare.
Stronghold Assassin did surprisingly good work in Standard during its stay in the Core Set. It is being replaced with Royal Assassin in Eighth Edition.

Card of the Day - mercredi 2 juillet 2003

Nantuko Monastery

Judgment uncommon
The playtest name for this "man-land" was "Angry Savannah," since it is a green-white aligned land that can also attack.

Card of the Day - mardi 1 juillet 2003

Kirtar's Wrath

Odyssey rare.
This card originally put one 2/2 flying Spirit token into play at threshold, but in an attempt to unify token types, it was changed to two 1/1 tokens.

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