Card of the Day - June, 2005

Posted in Feature on June 1, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Card of the Day - jeudi 30 juin 2005


Urza’s Saga uncommon. Though Urza block was often referred to as the artifact block, this wasn’t the original intention. Urza’s Saga is actually centered on an enchantment theme, but this was overshadowed by the storyline of the artifact cycle as well as the presence of many influential artifacts, such as Fluctuator.

Card of the Day - mercredi 29 juin 2005

Wingbeat Warrior

Legions common. One of the ways Magic stays fresh is by completely surprising the players from time to time. Many didn’t believe it when rumors first started that the Legions set was 100% creatures. Despite such a drastic difference, the set plays quite a bit like other sets thanks to cards like this, which have a very non-creature, spell-like feel to them when flipped.

Card of the Day - mardi 28 juin 2005


Mercadian Masques rare. When white was determined to be the color that sets rules for how the game is played, R&D went back through Magic’s history looking for previous cards that set rules, but which hadn’t been white. Crackdown is a white version of Meekstone (an artifact). Because of the change, Meekstone hasn’t shown up in the core set since Seventh Edition.

Card of the Day - lundi 27 juin 2005


Judgment uncommon. This choosing drawback was called the punisher mechanic during design. The idea was to explore new ways to play off the unpredictable aspects of red. By giving the opponent the choice of which event occurs, red mages gain the ability to achieve somewhat off-color effects essentially by threatening their opponent with something very on-color – direct damage.

Card of the Day - vendredi 24 juin 2005

Order of Leitbur

Fallen Empires common. This card got its name because the designers thought it would be funny to hear people describe denizens of Leitbur as “Leitburites” which sounds an awful lot like “LiteBrites”. Perhaps they knew some day the company would be bought up by Hasbro?

Card of the Day - jeudi 23 juin 2005

Pygmy Allosaurus

Ice Age rare. This little guy is the only tournament-legal dinosaur ever printed (insert Mistform Ultimus exception clause here)!

Card of the Day - mercredi 22 juin 2005

Quirion Ranger

Visions common. Printed with the intention of keeping Stasis decks in check, Quirion Ranger went on to do much more. Picking up lands turned out to be quite good for many reasons. Combine that with the ability to untap creatures such as Tradewind Rider and you can see why the Ranger became a central card in so many decks.

Card of the Day - mardi 21 juin 2005


Stronghold rare. The flavor text on this card is a joking reference to the flavor text on Lhurgoyf. That this Tempest block card refers to an Ice Age card's flavor text makes it quite rare, spanning both a large amount of time as well as two different planes.

Card of the Day - lundi 20 juin 2005

Sakashima the Impostor

Saviors of Kamigawa rare. During the design phase of Saviors there were so many cool legends that the designers wanted a way to clone them. This card was designed to answer the problem of "how do you clone a legend without killing it due to the legend rule?"

Card of the Day - vendredi 17 juin 2005

Cranial Extraction

Champions of Kamigawa rare. This card was inspired by trying to find a way to make a tournament-legal version of the Unglued card Look at Me, I'm the DCI.

Card of the Day - jeudi 16 juin 2005

Rend Flesh

Champions of Kamigawa common. While many cards were made Arcane for mechanic-based reasons, this one was strictly due to flavor. (It's hard to get more Arcane than only killing non-spirits!)

Card of the Day - mercredi 15 juin 2005

Glacial Ray

Champions of Kamigawa common. The splice mechanic went through many different incarnations during design playtesting. The first card designed for the version of splice you see today (called “Piggyback” during design) was Glacial Ray, which Mark Rosewater used to demonstrate the proposed mechanic to the rest of the team.

Card of the Day - mardi 14 juin 2005

Gaze of Adamaro

Saviors of Kamigawa uncommon. While the Maro series of creatures is named after Mark Rosewater, it's complete coincidence that this one's name starts with “Adam” – the name of Mark Rosewater's son. That's what he says anyway. If Wizards ever prints a card called “Rachelmaro” you'll know differently.

Card of the Day - lundi 13 juin 2005


Saviors of Kamigawa uncommon. The second card ever printed without a mana cost, Evermind is the first time it was actually done on purpose.

Card of the Day - vendredi 10 juin 2005

Path of Anger's Flame

Saviors of Kamigawa common. While finishing up the set's initial design roster nobody could come to agreement on the last card. When this one was considered someone said: “Tyler would like to eat now.” The card made it onto the roster, and R&D member Tyler Bielman was not-so-immortalized by its playtest name: “Tyler Would Like to Eat Now.”

Card of the Day - jeudi 9 juin 2005

Ideas Unbound

Saviors of Kamigawa common. This card had been in the design files for years, but never managed to make it into a set. It finally got its shot with Saviors because it interacted so well with the set’s wisdom (“Hand Size Matters”) mechanic.

Card of the Day - mercredi 8 juin 2005

Iname as One

Saviors of Kamigawa rare. This card is more a combination of Iname, Death Aspect and Iname, Life Aspect than some players may realize. The casting cost, power, and toughness of Iname as One are all exactly the sum of the attributes from the two previous cards.

Card of the Day - mardi 7 juin 2005


Saviors of Kamigawa rare. R&D had actually decided six or seven years ago that Fork would make sense in blue. Versions of this card were submitted for many sets over the years, but it wasn’t until Saviors that “the blue Fork” got its shot at the big time.

Card of the Day - lundi 6 juin 2005

Choice of Damnations

Saviors of Kamigawa rare. During design this card (at a different cost) was actually a 5/6 monster as well. During testing the effect was so popular that the creature part felt like a distraction and was dropped so that the card could be costed lower.

Card of the Day - vendredi 3 juin 2005

Memory Lapse

Mirage common. This card was actually designed for Mirage as part of a cycle of cards that were the opposite of cantrips. Rather than you drawing an extra card, your opponent ended up with one less card. The card was moved to Homelands to fill an empty slot. Examples of the reverse-cantrip cycle that did make it to Mirage are Disempower, Fallow Earth, Ether Well, and Painful Memories.

Card of the Day - jeudi 2 juin 2005

Ancestral Memories

Mirage rare. Ancestral Recall, one of the most powerful cards ever printed, was actually named Ancestral Memories during the design of Alpha. The Mirage card’s name was a reference to that original Alpha playtest name.

Card of the Day - mercredi 1 juin 2005

Memory Crystal

Exodus rare. This card was originally slated for the Tempest set. However, that put it in the same set as the Medallion cycle. Because their effects felt somewhat similar, Memory Crystal was moved to the third set to give it some space from the medallions.

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