Card of the Day - March, 2004

Posted in Feature on March 1, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Card of the Day - mercredi 31 mars 2004

Hoverguard Observer

Darksteel uncommon.
Although it's almost an exact reprint of Nemesis's Stronghold Zeppelin, Hoverguard Observer's creature type was made Drone (instead of Ship) to line up with the flavor of the Mirrodin block.

Card of the Day - mardi 30 mars 2004

Dismantling Blow

Invasion common.
There was some discussion during Invasion development to simply make Dismantling Blow a cantrip Disenchant. But since cantrips are found in many blocks and kicker is found only (so far) in Invasion block, it was created with the more unique kicker effect.

Card of the Day - lundi 29 mars 2004

Lord of Tresserhorn

Alliances rare.
Lord of Tresserhorn has the legend with the highest power -- however, the 8/8 Zhou Yu, Chief Commander from Portal Three Kingdoms is the legend with the highest sum of power of toughness.

Card of the Day - vendredi 26 mars 2004


Urza's Legacy and Onslaught common.
During Urza's Legacy development, there was concern that Swat was able to target black creatures, when many black removal spells can't. After some debate it was decided that it made Swat interesting enough to leave it that way.

Card of the Day - jeudi 25 mars 2004

Wild Dogs

Urza's Saga common.
As designed, Wild Dogs was a 2/1 for Green Mana with the life-total drawback. Cycling was added to it later, during development.

Card of the Day - mercredi 24 mars 2004

Decree of Pain

Scourge rare.
Part of the cycle of "supercyclers" (the Decrees that generate a huge effect when either cast or cycled), Decree of Pain had its cycling cost reduced from 5 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana to 3 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana to make it competitive in constructed play.

Card of the Day - mardi 23 mars 2004

Break Asunder

Scourge common.
As designed, this card (and a few other non-creature spells in Scourge) had landcycling. During development, it was decided that landcycling should only appear on large creatures and Break Asunder's ability changed to regular cycling.

Card of the Day - lundi 22 mars 2004

Shimmering Barrier

Urza's Saga uncommon.
This is the only wall in Magic with the cycling ability.

Card of the Day - vendredi 19 mars 2004

Fangren Firstborn

Darksteel rare.
This aggressive green attacker is the only card in Magic with a mana cost of 1 ManaGreen ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana.

Card of the Day - jeudi 18 mars 2004


Darksteel common.
The flavor of this Awe Strikelike instant: it's a protective spell used by Leonin cleric elders to turn fire or death magic into healing light.

Card of the Day - mercredi 17 mars 2004


Mirrodin common.
For a while in development, this Mirrodin block staple granted first strike as well as +2/+0... but it cost 3 Mana mana to play and 2 Mana to equip. After the first strike was dropped it was changed to its current form.

Card of the Day - mardi 16 mars 2004

Dwell on the Past

Torment uncommon.
This card was going to cost 2 ManaGreen Mana and be a cantrip, but it was changed to its current form to distance it from Gaea's Blessing.

Card of the Day - lundi 15 mars 2004


Arabian Nights rare.
Sometimes good templating can increase the number of a card's abilities. As printed, Pyramids has one ability with an "or" clause. Its Oracle text is split into two abilities for clarity.

Card of the Day - vendredi 12 mars 2004

Sliver Overlord

Scourge rare.
For a short time during development, Sliver Overlord had the ability "Sacrifice Sliver Overlord: Sliver legends get +13/+13 until end of turn." The idea was that it could combine with Sliver Queen to produce a huge 20/20 Sliver, but the combo was ruled too narrow and obscure, and was discarded.

Card of the Day - jeudi 11 mars 2004

Hunter Sliver

Legions common.
Hunter Sliver is the only two-headed sliver! At one time its ability granted the "Goblin War Drums" ability (Slivers can't be blocked except by two or more creatures) but that was replaced with Legions' provoke mechanic.

Card of the Day - mercredi 10 mars 2004

Brood Sliver

Legions rare.
By creating sliver tokens that themselves have the Brood Sliver's ability, Brood Sliver has the potential to create an exponentially increasing number of slivers.

Card of the Day - mardi 9 mars 2004

Metallic Sliver

Tempest common.
Metallic Sliver is the only artifact creature Sliver. Also, in its Oracle text version, it is the only Sliver with no rules text.

Card of the Day - lundi 8 mars 2004

Mistform Sliver

Legions common.
Mistform Sliver was concepted as a sliver that was made from the same material as the Mistform creatures, and is the only non-legendary sliver that has a creature type besides Sliver.

Card of the Day - vendredi 5 mars 2004


Darksteel rare.
Soulscour is tied for the title of "sorcery with the highest converted mana cost," joining Decree of Annihilation and Time Stretch in that honor.

Card of the Day - jeudi 4 mars 2004

Well of Lost Dreams

Darksteel rare.
As designed, this card was symmetrical (meaning both players could benefit from its effect). It was changed to only work for the controller during development.

Card of the Day - mercredi 3 mars 2004

Myr Moonvessel

Darksteel common.
The Moonvessel is the 1/1 descendant of the cards Cathodion and Su-Chi.

Card of the Day - mardi 2 mars 2004


Darksteel uncommon.
This card originally had flavor text, but it had to be cut to make room for the mechanic. The flavor text was:
“War is a constant. Only the rate of bloodshed changes.”
—Korva, Vulshok battlemaster

Card of the Day - lundi 1 mars 2004


Stronghold common.
Leap is a cantrip (a spell that lets you draw a card as part of its effect) that costs the same as its non-cantrip equivalent, Jump.

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