Card of the Day - May, 2002

Posted in Feature on May 1, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Card of the Day - vendredi 31 mai 2002


Alpha common.
The current Oracle mana cost of Fireball is XYR, making it the only tournament-legal card with "Y" in the mana cost. The text reads: "Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among Y plus one target creatures and/or players," and was printed as such in the Beatdown box set.

Card of the Day - jeudi 30 mai 2002

Drain Life

Alpha common.
The current Oracle mana cost of Drain Life is X1B. The "X" is now part of the cost to mirror Soul Burn. The card text reads, "Spend only black mana on X," and was printed as such in the Beatdown box set.

Card of the Day - mercredi 29 mai 2002

Mirari's Wake

Judgment rare.
In playtesting, this card was known as the "Gardening Glove of Might," an homage to the old-school artifact Gauntlet of Might.

Card of the Day - mardi 28 mai 2002

Dirtcowl Wurm

Tempest rare.
Dirtcowl Wurm was the first prerelease promo card given away. There are actually two versions: one with the prerelease date stamped on the bottom and one where the stamp is on the card type line.

Card of the Day - lundi 27 mai 2002

Wormfang Crab

Judgment uncommon.
To eliminate infinite loops that can draw the game, the second sentence of Wormfang Crab has been errataed: "When Wormfang Crab comes into play, an opponent chooses a permanent you control other than Wormfang Crab and removes it from the game." The change means that Wormfang Crab can no longer remove itself from the game, preventing loops that occur with cards like Upheaval and Balancing Act.

Card of the Day - vendredi 24 mai 2002

Giant Crab

Tempest common.
Giant Crab was an attempt to make a better version of the Fallen Empires Homarid Warrior. By extension, so was Morphling. (Just kidding.)

Card of the Day - jeudi 23 mai 2002

Crimson Kobolds

Legends common.
The three Kobolds -- Crimson, Crookshank, and Kher Keep -- are the only cards from the same expansion that are functionally identical. They are all 0/1 red creatures for 0 mana with no other abilities.

Card of the Day - mercredi 22 mai 2002

Abandoned Outpost

Odyssey common.
The cycle of sac lands in Odyssey was originally going to be reprints of the Fallen Empires sac lands (like Ruins of Trokair). The design team decided the ability to produced different colors of mana was more important than being able to produce more mana, so these cards were created.

Card of the Day - mardi 21 mai 2002

Aladdin's Lamp

Arabian Nights uncommon.
When the Lamp was originally printed, "10" could not be typeset into one mana symbol. So instead, it was printed as {5}{5}.

Card of the Day - lundi 20 mai 2002


Torment rare.
Hypnox removes a player's hand from the game if you play it from your hand. "Play it from your hand" means "play it fair and square by casting it using mana," so Hypnox's nightmare ability will not work if it comes into play via Retraced Image, Elvish Piper, Eureka, Sneak Attack, or any similar card that lets you circumvent its mana cost.

Card of the Day - vendredi 17 mai 2002

Lu Bu, Master-at-Arms

Portal Three Kingdoms rare.
P3K featured a mechanic called "horsemanship" that is functionally identical to flying. But unlike flying, horsemanship was given to a large number of red creatures.

Card of the Day - jeudi 16 mai 2002

Avoid Fate

Legends common.
Because interrupts no longer exist, Avoid Fate has been errataed to counter instants or enchantments that target a permanent you control, giving the card some usefulness.

Card of the Day - mercredi 15 mai 2002


Alpha uncommon.
When the Extended format was first created, Juggernaut was banned for being potentially too powerful. Hypnotic Specter, on the other hand, was not.

Card of the Day - mardi 14 mai 2002


Urza's Destiny rare.
Unlike Titania's Song, Opalescence lets the animated cards keep their abilites. Why? Because Mark Rosewater thought it would be cool to attack with an Orcish Oriflamme for 5 damage. Talk about your bad ideas…

Card of the Day - lundi 13 mai 2002

Cabal Therapy

Judgment uncommon.
This card was known as "Go Fish" in design because its mechanic requires guessing which particular card is in the opponent's hand. It is based on the legend Nebuchadnezzar.

Card of the Day - vendredi 10 mai 2002


Arabian Nights rare.
This little-known character was the inspiration for Legends' Spirit Link, which in turn spawned many similar cards, like Armadillo Cloak and Zebra Unicorn.

Card of the Day - jeudi 9 mai 2002

Treetop Village

Urza's Legacy uncommon.
For awhile, tournament players referred to the Village as "Bobtown." "Bob" was an acronym for "Beats On Blue," since the Village was effectively a 3/3 creature that cannot be countered.

Card of the Day - mercredi 8 mai 2002


Torment common.
"Liquify," with an "i," is actually an alternate spelling of this word. The more accepted spelling, and the one that appears first in our dictionary of record, is "liquefy." The Editing Department's policy is to use the first listed spelling, but we made an exception in this case because we figured everyone would spell it with an "i" anyway.

Card of the Day - mardi 7 mai 2002

Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary

Urza's Destiny rare.
Even though he was never referred to on any of the cards, Rofellos was actually a major character in the Weatherlight set's storyline. He accompanied Gerrard and Mirri to Crovax's estate, where he was killed by Gallowbraid and Morinfen.

Card of the Day - lundi 6 mai 2002

Blood Pet

Tempest common.
At the time this card was named, the Magic brand manager thought the name was inappropriately dark. The Tempest team had to fight to keep the name.

Card of the Day - vendredi 3 mai 2002

Crackling Club

Torment common.
This is our fourth flavor text variation on the "adding insult to injury" cliche. The others are on Desertion from Visions, Wall of Diffusion from Tempest, and Undermine from Invasion.

Card of the Day - jeudi 2 mai 2002

Prodigal Sorcerer

Seventh Edition common.
The sorcerer is nicknamed "Tim" after the John Cleese character "Tim the Enchanter" from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Card of the Day - mercredi 1 mai 2002

Giant Slug

Legends common.
The Slug's name went through many changes. First it was Slug Bug and then Smeltonian Slug and then the final name was going to be Slaughter Slug. When the word "Slaughter" was typeset it looked like "laughter," and "Laughter Slug" just wouldn't do. So the editors made a last minute change.

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