Core Set 2019 Packaging, Promos, and More

Posted in Card Preview on June 11, 2018

By Blake Rasmussen

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Welcome to the kick-off of Core Set 2019 previews!

Kind of.

Here's the deal. Today, I'm going to show you a lot of cards. Like, a lot a lot. Then we're not going to show you any more cards until this weekend at Grand Prix Las Vegas, where we will show you also a lot of cards (though not as many as today). Then previews, as you know them—with content creators all over the world getting to show off cards—will start up in earnest June 18.

Deal? Not that you can respond to me in real time, but I'm guessing you're cool with it. We're close like that.

Also, since I'm going to be saying this with basically everything, let's get the disclaimer out of the way right now:

Supplies are limited—check with your local store for details. Some promotions are only available at participating stores that are members of the Wizards Play Network, so make sure you ask your local store!

With no further ado, let's get to the cards. The many, many cards.


As you might have read, we're continuing both the prerelease pickup and unique Buy-a-Box promo card promotions. We're not here to discuss the community response to the promo this time (check out Weekly MTG on on Thursday at 2 p.m. PT for some of that discussion). Today, we're just here to show you the card, Nexus of Fate.

Nexus of Fate

Event Promos

Every season, we run a number of events, and many of those events come with unique promos. Let's look at those one by one. (And yes, all of these cards have non-promo versions in Core Set 2019).

Open House (June 30–July 1) kicks things off. At Core Set 2019 Open House, you'll be able to play with Planeswalker Decks, so this is truly the first time you can play with Core Set 2019 cards out in the wild. And just for participating, you can get this gnarly looking Guttersnipe.

Guttersnipe promo

Draft Weekend (July 14–15) is the weekend Core Set 2019 releases to the public, and a weekend of many drafts! Participate and get this promo to drive your opponents a bit batty.

Desecrated Tomb

Magic League (July 16) is a fun way to grab a few packs and play smaller, quick Sealed games with friends at your local store or at home. Just for participating, you can get this version of Reliquary Tower!

Reliquary Tower promo

Store Championships on June 18–24 are technically the Dominaria Store Championships, but participating can earn you a Core Set 2019 promo card! Win the whole thing, and you'll also get a playmat. Note the "25" symbol on this one to commemorate Magic's 25th anniversary!

Demon of Catastrophes promo

Store Champion Playmat

Friday Night Magic events running during the Core Set 2019 season will have access to three different promos stores can distribute as they see fit.

Elvish Rejuvenator promoMilitia Bugler promoMurder promo

Finally, Standard Showdown (July 21) is rotating the lands you can pick up in Standard Showdown boosters. Alayna Danner (friend of the show) created five beautiful basic lands you can only pick up in Standard Showdown boosters. Gaze upon their majesty:

Plains promoIsland promoSwamp promo

Mountain promoForest promo

Welcome Decks

Part of the reason you're getting this bonanza of card previews this early is because we ship kits to stores to help them teach new players both about Magic and about the latest set. With Core Set 2019, we updated our Welcome Decks, the decks we give to stores to help introduce players to Magic, and they contain, well, a lot of Core 2019 cards. As such, here are cards you'll be seeing in Welcome Decks and in the Core Set 2019 main set or Planeswalker Decks. Everything shown here numbered 284 or higher comes in the Planeswalker Decks. Everything else is from the main set.

Dwarven PriestHerald of FaithInspired Charge

Knight's PledgeLoxodon Line BreakerLuminous Bonds

Mighty LeapOreskos SwiftclawPegasus Courser

RevitalizeRustwing FalconStar-Crowned Stag

Take VengeanceAven Wind MageDivination

Frilled Sea SerpentSleepSnapping Drake

Tolarian ScholarUncomfortable ChillWall of Mist

BogstomperDiregraf GhoulGravedigger

Infernal ScarringLich's CaressMurder

Skeleton ArcherSkymarch BloodletterSovereign's Bite

Strangling SporesVampire SovereignWalking Corpse

ElectrifyFiery FinishFire Elemental

Goblin MotivatorHostile MinotaurLightning Strike

Onakke OgreShockSparktongue Dragon

Trumpet BlastVolcanic DragonBristling Boar

Centaur CourserColossal DreadmawGhastbark Twins

Giant SpiderHighland GameOakenform

PlummetRabid BiteThornhide Wolves

Titanic GrowthWall of VinesSerra's Guardian

Silverbeak GriffinRiddlemaster SphinxGravewaker

Tattered MummyKargan DragonriderShivan Dragon

Aggressive MammothUrsine ChampionSun Sentinel

Air ElementalBefuddleMist-Cloaked Herald

WaterknotGrasping ScoundrelRadiating Lightning

Llanowar Elves

A Few Random Cards

Now, as part of those kits we're sending to stores to help new players, we're sending some materials like tabletop standees, how-to cards, and more. Since those things would be kind of lame if they were all words, we put some pictures on there too. Some of those pictures are of cards. True story! Some of those cards are, well, these cards:

Patient RebuildingTotally LostGigantosaurus

RecollectFountain of RenewalMarauder's Axe


Finally (at least for today), we've got some boosters to show off. Some of these characters might look familiar.

Booster 1Booster 2Booster 3

Booster 4Booster 5

Booster Box


Family Shot

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