Ixalan Promos, Planeswalker Decks, Packaging, and FNM Tokens!

Posted in Card Preview on September 1, 2017

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for DailyMTG.com, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

You don't even know how much we need to pack into this article. Whatever you're thinking, it's more than that. We have Ixalan packaging to show off, Planeswalker Deck contents to preview, promos to reveal—including a special Buy-a-Box promo for Ixalan, and a pie to bake. I'll bake the pie on my own time, but the rest of this is right here for you.


Words? You've already skipped to the pictures, haven't you? I can't say I blame you. This is some good-looking packaging with a mix of art you might have seen and some you haven't.

Planeswalker Deck Unique Cards

Record scratch—Wait a minute, we haven't seen those Planeswalker face cards before! Let's take a closer look.

Look, I get as excited as the next blue mage for a Jace that says "Draw a card," but "Dinosaur Knight" has to be one of the coolest titles ever.

We'll show off the full decklists of these two Planeswalker Decks after previews are done, but we might as well show off the unique cards you can pick up in these decks right now.


On to the promos! First up is the Buy-a-Box promo. We're doing something a touch different this time around, something we've been referring to as "Dino-sized" Buy-a-Box promos around the office, which is basically two things—a foil, alternate art Buy-a-Box promo card (Burning Sun's Avatar) and a Buy-a-Box booster. Each Buy-a-Box booster contains an extra Buy-a-Box promo card (giving you a total of two Dinosaur Avatars!) and the equivalent contents of two Standard Showdown boosters. So if you pick up a box of Ixalan, you can get all of that as a Dino-sized bonus! (While supplies last at participating stores; check with your local store for availability.)

The primary promo will be in your local language, but the booster contents will only be available in English and Japanese. You can see images of Burning Sun's Avatar and the Buy-a-Box booster right about . . . here:

Open House

Participate in an Open House at a participating store the weekend of September 16–17, and you can walk away with this Ixalan promo before the set even releases!


Participate in a League and claim this beauty that's sure to power up plenty of Vampire, Dinosaur, Merfolk, and Pirate decks!

Draft Weekend

Participate in a Draft Weekend event September 30–October 1, and you can return with a mini–Sun Titan for your troubles! Not to mention sweet, sweet drafting.


Last, but certainly not least, October starts the new Friday Night Magic promo system—double-sided, premium foil tokens. There are three that will be given out at FNMs between October and January. Each of these has a creature token on one side and Treasure on the other that matches the creature. Check out the two sides.



Jace Gets Lost

Did I say last? Well, we're done with promos, but there is one final item I wanted to show you before the weekend. In most sets, the basic lands are beautiful, exquisitely painted scenes set in the new world, and Ixalan is no exception. But basic lands rarely tell a story. Ixalan is all about exploring its land, so what would the basic lands be if they didn't tell a bit of an exploration story as well? Titus Lunter painted one of each basic land for Ixalan, and if you look closely at each of his basic lands, there's a tiny man wandering around. That man is Jace. Who is lost. And trying to find his way around Ixalan.

Here he is making his way through the forest.

Here he is struggling on the shore of an island.

Here he is wondering how the heck he's going to get through these mountains.

Here he is peering over the plains.

And, finally (really finally, this time), here he is wading through a swamp.

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