Modern Horizons Tokens and Art Series

Posted in Card Preview on May 30, 2019

By Blake Rasmussen

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When you're cracking a Modern Horizons booster, you're getting more than just a rare, three uncommons, and ten commons (as if that isn't enough with this set).

There are, of course, the full-art snow lands that come one per pack. Those are a delight.

Also, as usual, you get a token. Modern Horizons has a lot going on, so there are a whopping 21 tokens, most repeats but some (like the emblems) very new.

Finally, you'll get something new—cards we're calling the Modern Horizons Art Series. They're a bit tough to translate to the screen because, well, they're basically all art, all the time. We showed them off on Weekly MTG last week, so here's a clip to give you a better sense.

There are 54 of these in total, and they're each numbered for anyone who wants to collect them all. So you've got something to work with, here's a list of the 54 cards that got the Art Series treatment along with their number in the series:

  1. Chillerpillar
  2. Watcher for Tomorrow
  3. Scour All Possibilities
  4. Bazaar Trademage
  5. Serra the Benevolent
  6. Wrenn and Six
  7. Endling
  8. Warteye Witch
  9. Throes of Chaos
  10. Ayula, Queen Among Bears
  11. Ranger-Captain of Eos
  12. Zhalfirin Decoy
  13. Urza, Lord High Artificer
  14. Yawgmoth, Thran Physician
  15. Umezawa's Charm
  16. Sisay, Weatherlight Captain
  17. Goblin Matron
  18. Pashalik Mons
  19. Smoke Shroud
  20. Throatseeker
  21. Ingenious Infiltrator
  22. Ninja of the New Moon
  23. Morophon, the Boundless
  24. Lancer Sliver
  25. Enduring Sliver
  26. First Sliver's Chosen
  27. Dregscape Sliver
  28. Soulherder
  29. Force of Despair
  30. Answered Prayers
  31. Winds of Abandon
  32. Everdream
  33. Mind Rake
  34. Echo of Eons
  35. Face of Divinity
  36. Ephemerate
  37. Ravenous Giant
  38. Spinehorn Minotaur
  39. Lesser Masticore
  40. Mirrodin Besieged
  41. Lightning Skelemental
  42. Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis
  43. Excavating Anurid
  44. Headless Specter
  45. Plague Engineer
  46. Sword of Truth and Justice
  47. Sword of Sinew and Steel
  48. Prismatic Vista
  49. Wall of One Thousand Cuts
  50. Rebuild
  51. Silent Clearing
  52. Waterlogged Grove
  53. Arcum's Astrolabe
  54. Mox Tantalite

Modern Horizons Prereleases kick off next week on June 8, followed by the full release on June 14. Talk to your local store about cracking some packs with these sweet accessories today!

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