Shadows over Innistrad Intro Packs and Promo Cards

Posted in Card Preview on March 14, 2016

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

It's officially official preview time! We've been trickling out previews since those awesome kickoff events at Grand Prix Detroit, Melbourne, and Bologna, but today we're going to hit you with a bunch of them, and we plan to keep it going over the next two weeks here and with various other content creators around the web.

This particular article is all about the Intro Pack face cards and the promo cards you'll be able to get with Shadows over Innistrad. Shall we begin?

Intro Packs

First up, the Intro Packs! You've already seen Soul Swallower (in non–Intro Pack form) last week in the Mechanics article, but the other four are brand-spanking-new. They are:

And you can see them in all of their packaging here.

Gift Box

Big set means big Gift Box!

The Shadows over Innistrad Gift Box contains five Shadows over Innistrad booster packs, a storage box, six illustrated plastic dividers, stickers for customizing the dividers, 20 basic lands, and—the part you're interested in—an alternate-art card. That card?

This card also showed up in the Mechanics article already, so you've seen how nasty it can be. But now you can see how shiny it can be!


This set's Buy-a-Box promo is a double-faced card, which is kind of like getting two cards in one, right? I'm running with it. At any rate, Elusive Tormentor / Insidious Mist is flavorful, powerful—and shiny. Stores will be able to provide a small number of this promo, and the distribution is up to stores—so find your way to your nearest store and ask how you can get your hands on this sweet promo.

Launch Promo

Next up, if you join in on any kind of Release event April 8–10, including Friday Night Magic—and on top of any other promos you might receive—you might just be able to start offering deliverance to your foes with this beauty.

Game Day

Finally, on the weekend of April 30 through May 1, stores all around the world will be holding Shadows over Innistrad Game Day. Just for participating, you can receive this full-art Incorrigible Youths.

And if you're able to finish in the Top 8 of your Game Day, you'll receive this gorgeous piece of work you might have already seen on TCGPlayer and here.

For a bit more treatment on Anguished Unmaking from TCGPlayer, check out this video they put together.

Additionally, the winner of Shadows over Innistrad Game Day at each store will receive an exclusive playmat that looks a little something like this:

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