The Tokens of Ultimate Masters

Posted in Card Preview on November 29, 2018

By Chris Gleeson

Chris is the copy editor for DailyMTG. If the Ts are dotted and the eyes are crossed, he dun goofed.

By now you've probably seen the full Ultimate Masters set, but you haven't yet seen the set's tokens. Well, no longer! Take a gander at the sixteen tokens you can create with Ultimate Masters, and start planning how you'll use these tokens when the set releases on December 7!

Citizen TokenSpirit TokenDrake Token

Homunculus TokenFaerie Rogue TokenMarit Lage Token

Wurm TokenZombie TokenElemental (Earth) Token

Elemental (Fire) TokenSoldier TokenSpark Elemental Token

Elemental (green) TokenOoze TokenSpider Token

Spirit Token

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