Card Styles & Card Sleeves

Posted in NEWS on January 1, 2019

By Wizards Staff


Sulfur Falls

Card styles allow you to change how the front of your card looks. You can see which cards have card styles in-game through the deck builder, which has a filter option specifically for card styles. Selecting a card will provide more information on how the card style can be obtained: through bundles, seasonal rewards, play, or purchase through the deck builder. And take note of the single pip! Once the card style is acquired, it currently unlocks foreverycopy of that card illustration in your collection!

Card Style Sort

Additional Notes:

  • Card styles are cosmetics only. Theydo notadd card/s to your collection.
  • Once acquired, a card style can be applied to all cards with that illustration—you don't need to acquire it more than once.
  • Card styles are based on the card'sillustration. This means that if a card shares an illustration across sets (e.g.,Luminous BondsinRivals of IxalanandCore Set 2019), once you've unlocked the card style, it will apply toany card in your collection with that illustration. If the card appears in a set using a different illustration (e.g.,Luminous BondsinGuilds of Ravnica), it will have a separate card style you can acquire.
  • It is possible to acquire card styles for cards you do not have in your collection. If this happens, you will be able to apply the style once you have the card in your collection (you won't have to re-acquire the style).
  • Applying a card style is optional. While the option is enabled by default, you will be able to swap between using card styles and the default illustration in the deck builder.
  • Currently, there is no benefit to acquiring a card style more than once.


Card Sleeves

On the "flip" side, card sleeves allow you to change the way the back of the card looks. Like card styles, you'll be able to select your card sleeve from the deck builder page by clicking on the deck box and then selecting which card back you'd like to use from the ones you have available.

Additional Notes:

  • Once acquired, a card sleeve can be applied to any deck in your collection.
  • You can choose the card sleeve to apply on a deck-by-deck basis; you can have different card sleeves for every deck, if you so desire!
  • You can also apply a card sleeve to as many decks as you like. You do not need to acquire it multiple times to apply it to multiple decks!
  • Applying a card sleeve is optional. You'll be able to swap between card sleeves and the default card back in the deck builder.