Checking Back with the Pro Point Hunters

Posted in NEWS on June 29, 2014

By Tobi Henke

Yesterday we took a detailed look at the point totals of the various players who were looking to pick up additional Pro Points here at Grand Prix Milan to reach Gold (35 points) and Platinum (45 points) levels in the Pro Players Club. As a reminder, here's the list we showed yesterday:

Name: Current Season Points Total: Points from Grand Prix:
Raphaël Lévy 40 4, 3, 3, 2, 1
Patrick Dickmann 39 8, 2, 2, 1, 1
Pierre Dagen 37 3, 2, 2
Guillaume Wafo-Tapa 37 3
Matej Zatlkaj 36 2, 1
Valentin Mackl 34 5, 5, 5, 5, 3
Fabrizio Anteri 33 8, 8, 6, 2, 1
Christian Seibold 32 6, 1, 1
Martin Jůza 31 6, 4, 4, 3, 3
Anssi Alkio 28 2
Wenzel Krautmann 28 8, 3, 2, 2, 2
Ivan Floch 27 4, 2, 2, 1
Jamie Parke 27 4, 3

And since the rest of the season is just this Grand Prix, one more Grand Prix, and one Pro Tour, let's take another look at the Pro Points being awarded at these events:

Pro Tour Finish Pro Points Grand Prix Finish Pro Points
1 30 1 8
2 24 2 6
3–4 22 3–4 5
5–8 20 5–8 4
9–16 15 9–16 3
17–25 10 17–32 2
26–50 6 33–64 1
51–75 5
76–100 4
101+ 3

Halfway through Day 2 of this Grand Prix, it's about time to take another look at the players' results so far, fresh from the battlefield of Milan ...

First of all, Christian Seibold, Valentin Mackl, and Matej Zatlkaj all failed to make Day 2. Mackl was unlikely to garner extra Grand Prix points anyway, as he already had four Top 4 finishes plus one Top 16 before the event. He said he would be happy to pick up his three attendance points at Pro Tour Magic 2015 to achieve Gold status, needing to Top 16 the Pro Tour for Platinum.

Seibold, who sits at 32 points with just three GP finishes in the season to date, would have liked some extra points to better position himself for a run at Platinum with a potential Top 25 at the Pro Tour, but he too was guaranteed Gold and was fine with that. "Though there's still the Grand Prix in Boston for me," Seibold said about his travel plans.

Matej Zatlkaj, who, at 36 points, had already reached the Gold level, was meanwhile in a very different position. Lacking nine points for Platinum, he needed some combination of GP Top 16 plus PT Top 50, GP Top 8 plus PT Top 75, or GP Top 4 plus PT Top 100. "My deck yesterday was just too bad," said Zatlkaj. "So I missed my chance here, and if I miss again in Boston, I'll have to outright Top 25 the Pro Tour." He was definitely feeling the pressure.

Despite making the cut to Day 2, Wenzel Krautmann was still in a worse position. Currently unqualified for Pro Tour Magic 2015, the Grand Prix Warsaw winner would have needed seven points from the final two Grand Prix events to strike Gold, and after his 0-2 start into the day here in Milan that's already a mathematical impossibility. He will finish the season on Silver level.

The situation didn't look much better for Raphaël Lévy, Guillaume Wafo-Tapa, and Martin Jůza, all of them 8-4 after 12 rounds. The latter in particular needed a Top 8 to earn extra points and he was well out of contention for that. As such, his already slim chances to make it to Platinum were dwindling further, though even a measly Top 100 finish at the Pro Tour would put him at Gold. Lévy couldn't improve his Pro Point total either, since he needed a Top 32 for that. Theoretically, Guillaume Wafo-Tapa could still earn a point with a Top 64 finish here. However, going from 37 to 38 points wouldn't actually change much of anything for his chances to reach 45. Top 25 at the Pro Tour gives out 10 points, Top 50 just six; for Wafo-Tapa Top 25 at the Pro Tour would mean Platinum, Top 50 would mean just Gold.

Fabrizio Anteri didn't stand to gain much from one additional Pro Point, and with his record of 9-3, any more would be rather unlikely—though not impossible. Lacking two points for Gold, he would currently have to end up in the Top 16 at the Pro Tour for Platinum. Of course, since he had just broken onto the scene last year with several strong GP results, finishing the season at Gold can hardly be called a disappointment for Anteri.

Pierre Dagen started 9-3 into the tournament as well, and because he only had earned points at three Grand Prix this season he was in a similar situation to that of Guillaume Wafo-Tapa, with both at 37 Pro Points in the season, though in a better position to maybe get two points out of this event. If he managed that, a Top 50 result at the Pro Tour would suffice to push him across the 45-point finish line.

Further good news: In 12 rounds, Jamie Parke, lacking eight points for Gold, just lost two rounds and drew another, leaving him with at least some hope for a Top 8 berth here at GP Milan. That would go a long way toward guaranteeing his Gold status for next season, with a win putting him at 35 points right away. Meanwhile, Anssi Alkio was 10-2, in even better shape to make Top 8 and only missing seven points to reach the Gold level. Both these players had not had earned points at five Grand Prix yet and would be able to get full value from their finishes here.

And then there was Patrick Dickmann at 39 Pro Points, also on a record of 10-2. Two more wins would clinch a spot in the Top 8 of Grand Prix Milan for him and with that guarantee his Platinum level.

And finally Ivan Floch was the one doing best in the tournament so far, with 11 wins and one loss. Sitting at 27 Pro Points, a Top 8 would increase his chances to strike Gold dramatically. Even with a quarterfinal elimination here, he'd then be able to get there with a Top 100 finish at the Pro Tour. If he made the Top 16 here instead, he'd then need a Top 75 at the Pro Tour. And as things stood here in Milan after 12 rounds, any result worse than that would be quite the disappointment.

We'll definitely check back again later, at the very end, to see how the tournament went for these players.