Coldsnap Prerelease Card Revealed

Posted in Arcana on July 3, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

You've seen the Coldsnap product page and made frequent round trips to the minisite. You've charted out a prerelease near you for either some single-player or Two-Headed Giant sealed deck, but you're still wondering—what's the alternate-art foil promo prerelease card this time around? You're asking yourself…

“Self, has Wizards chosen a card that not only shows off a set mechanic but also is designed to 'wow' me when I see it for the first time? Self, will the art be cool and will its ability be splashy? Self, will the prerelease card be, as it often has in past sets, a creature whose primary function is to beat down with abandon?”

Okay, that's enough talking to yourself. 

You're probably asking yourself one last question—

“Self, whose car are we taking?”

Coldsnap Prerelease Events – Information and Locations

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