Core Split Ruby Division Decklists

Posted in Competitive Gaming on September 9, 2019

By Wizards of the Coast

Here are the decklists from the Ruby Division Top 4 and round-robin matches from the Core Split.

Ben Stark - Mono-Blue Tempo - Ruby Top 4

Andrea Mengucci - Esper Control - Ruby Top 4

Reid Duke - Orzhov Vampires - Ruby Top 4

Rei Sato - Gruul Midrange - Ruby Top 4

Lucas Esper Berthoud - Bant Scapeshift - Ruby Round-Robin

Jean-Emmanuel Depraz - Izzet Phoenix - Ruby Round-Robin

Reid Duke - Kethis Combo - Ruby Round-Robin

William Jensen - Kethis Combo - Ruby Round-Robin

Andrea Mengucci - Esper Control - Ruby Round-Robin

Rei Sato - Grixis Control - Ruby Round-Robin

Mike Sigrist - Esper Control - Ruby Round-Robin

Ben Stark - Mono-Red Aggro - Ruby Round-Robin

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