Mythic Championship II Survival Guide

Posted in Competitive Gaming on April 24, 2019

By Wizards of the Coast

What better way to celebrate the War of the Spark Prerelease than with the second Mythic Championship? Trick question—there isn't. We can't wait for the Mythic Championship II in London, and we hope you're just as excited! Read on for all the details.

When and how can I watch?

Mythic Championship II will be broadcast live on April 26–28 beginning at each morning 9 a.m. local time (1 a.m. PT/4 a.m. ET/8 a.m. UTC). We'll be bringing round-by-round coverage straight to your screen, so tune in all weekend to catch the action!

For match-by-match updates, be sure to follow @MagicEsports and @Wizards_Magic on Twitter. To stay in touch on social media, use the hashtag #MythicChampionshipII.

Who will I see on stream?

What is the format?

War of the Spark Booster Draft and Modern Constructed

  • Days One and Two
    • Day One will consist of three rounds of Booster Draft followed by five rounds of Modern
    • Day Two will consist of three rounds of Booster Draft followed by five rounds of Modern
    • Sixteen Swiss Rounds total, 50 minutes per round
    • Players with 12 or more match points after Round 8 will advance to Day Two
    • The Top 8 players after Round 16 will advance to Sunday's single-elimination playoff
  • Playoffs
    • The Top 8 will use a traditional single-elimination bracket
    • Playoff rounds will be Modern Constructed
    • All playoff matches are best three out of five
    • The first two games are pre-sideboard. After Game 2, players may exchange cards from their deck for cards in their sideboard
    • Standings after the Swiss rounds will determine the final order in the standings for losing players in the quarterfinals and semifinals

Schedule (all times UTC)

Friday, April 26

  • 8:00 a.m. UTC
    • Day One ends at the conclusion of Round 8

Saturday, April 27

  • 8:00 a.m. UTC
    • Day Two ends at the conclusion of the Top 8 announcement

Sunday, April 28

  • 8:00 a.m. UTC
    • Top 8 ends when a Champion is crowned


During last month's Mythic invitational, streamers were able to co-stream the official feed on their own Twitch channels. This was a great success, so we want to again open that option up for this weekend’s Mythic Championship II in London. The intent behind this open policy is to encourage more regionalized viewing options and give creators the ability to convey information to their community in their unique voice.

Following Twitch's Content Sharing Guidelines, you can co-stream the from using OBS or XSplit. This allows anyone on Twitch to be able to cover the event in their voice and with their community. As a reminder, co-streamed content is not endorsed by Wizards and we expect anyone who participates in co-streaming to follow Wizards' Fan Content Policy.

While we hope is your go-to place to tune in to the Mythic Championship, more viewing options on Twitch is always better.

Where is the event?

ExCeL London
One Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock
London E16 1XL
United Kingdom

How does the money break down?

The prize pool for Mythic Championship II is $500,000 in total.

All prizes displayed in US dollars. Prizes subject to change.

Place Amount
1st $50,000
2nd $20,000
3rd–4th $15,000
5th–8th $10,000
9th–16th $6,000
17th–24th $3,000
25th–32nd $2,000
33rd–48th $1,500
49th–64th $1,000
65th–120th $750
121th–500th $500
+501st $500
Total $500,000*

*Assumes 500 players

Wait, aren't Mythic Points a thing now?

Yep! And players get some in this event! Here is how they breakdown:

Tabletop Mythic Points
1st 50
2nd 42
3rd–4th 37
5th–8th 32
36+ Match Points 24
33–35 Match Points 17
30–32 Match Points 11
27–29 Match Points 5

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