The Core Set: A Tour of the Planes

Posted in Arcana on March 8, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

R&D designs the Core Set (currently in its Ninth Edition) both as a learning tool for new Magic players and as a source of staple cards for both Constructed formats and casual play. But since it's packed with spells hailing from Alpha through (in the case of Ninth) Betrayers of Kamigawa, it's also a 350-card tour through the game's past. Take a look below at the art of some Ninth Edition cards (in no particular order), and enjoy a planeswalkers'-eye view of events in Magic's history.

Furnace of Rath

The airship Weatherlight navigates the deadly Furnace of Rath...

Furnace of Rath art by John Matson

Lumengrid Warden

A Lumengrid Warden overlooks the spires rising from Mirrodin's Quicksilver Sea...

Lumengrid Warden art by Francis Tsai

Mending Hands

A kitsune healer puts her Mending Hands to two samurai in Kamigawa...

Mending Hands art by Douglas Schuler


Uncaring Phyrexian minions Slay a host of Llanowar elves...

Slay art by Ben Thompson


In Otaria, Kamahl realizes his destiny lies with the Biorhythm of Nature...

Biorhythm art by Ron Spears

The Core Set isn't just a source of Grizzly Bears and Flights for teaching your little brother a Magic lesson, and isn't just a source of Hypnotic Specters and Greater Goods for teaching your older brother a lesson; it's also a feast of storyline content drawn from all points in the timeline. No doubt the Core Set's Tenth Edition will showcase even more of the history of the Magic multiverse. After all, we've visited an entirely new plane since Ninth...

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