Counting Your Opponents in Fifth Dawn

Posted in Arcana on May 27, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Not all games of Magic are one-on-one duels, and R&D creates cards with that in mind. Several Fifth Dawn cards get better in multiplayer, increasing in power the more opponents you have.

  • The more artifacts your opponents have, the more Viridian Lorebearers can pump your creatures. And the more chances you could Acquire something good from an opponent's deck. And the more times your Battered Golem will untap.

  • Skullcage cages the skulls of any number of opponents, dealing out damage as appropriate without any additional work from you.

  • Moriok Rigger triggers whenever artifacts hit the graveyard -- the more the merrier.

  • Like Soul Warden, Auriok Champion will trigger whenever anyone plays a creature -- meaning it will trigger a lot. Blasting Station will be similarly powered up.

  • Magnetic Theft has powerful possibilities for meddling with the combat between two other players.

  • Door to Nothingness is slightly reduced in power in multiplayer, since making target player lose doesn't necessarily make you immediately win. But the ability to "show the Door to Nothingness" to any player as an instant creates a very powerful bargaining tool....

  • Last but certainly not least, Mana Geyser may only bring a few red mana to your pool in a duel. But with two or more opponents, turning into or potentially much more is frighteningly easy.

There are plenty more opportunities for multiplayer to look forward to in Fifth Dawn. Bring on the opponents!

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