Cycling art mystery

Posted in Arcana on March 22, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Scott M. Fischer illustrated a cycle of cycling cards (that's right, a group of related cards, each of which bears the cycling ability) that all featured a similar woman in the art.

Do you know on what cards this art appears? (Give up? Scroll down to see the answer.)


Answer: They're the cycling of Runes of Protection from Urza's Saga (see below).

Note that Rune of Protection: Artifacts and Rune of Protection: Lands were also illustrated by Scott M. Fischer, and may also feature this same woman in their art! (Well, it's debatable whether those hands on Rune of Protection: Lands belong to the same woman. But hey, let's call it a 7-card mono-white art cycle, pending any countermanding evidence. Scott, if you're reading, write in and let us know the mystery!)

Rune of Protection: White
Rune of Protection: Green
Rune of Protection: Blue
Rune of Protection: Red
Rune of Protection: Black

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