Alli Medwin's Second Chance

Posted in Daily Deck on June 25, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

Today's deck comes from Alli Medwin. Alli works in R&D as an editor on Magic Online. When I made the announcement that I was looking for Origin Story decks, she was one of the first to respond. Long ago, Alli worked in a game store. Most of the players at her store were pretty competitive, but that behavior never really appealed to Alli. Here's her story about her favorite deck.

Here's her story about her favorite deck.

Back in early 1999, I worked in a game store. I'd worked there on and off for a few years, and it was a really sweet job. Playing a lot of Magic and getting paid for it was teenage Alli's dream, and I was living it. I was never a competitive player because I was far too interested in doing the Really Neat Awesome thing instead of the thing that, ya' know, won games. If there was a way to accomplish something with a six-card combo instead of a two-card combo, especially if it was really grindy, I would take the six-card combo every single time.

I lost a lot, as you can imagine.

When Urza's Legacy came out, there were a lot of cards that got everyone excited: Deranged Hermit, Karmic Guide, and of course Memory Jar (which was so powerful that it was banned almost immediately). The card that got me excited? Not Quicksilver Amulet, no. That was too easy. I fell in love instantly with this gem:

The deck's goal is to take infinite turns with Second Chance. Sure, it sacrifices itself, but that's why I had my trusty Skull of Orm. For the low, low price of 7U per turn, I could keep taking as many turns as I wanted! Once that was going, I just attacked with unblockable creatures until the opponent died from taking two…a lot. Phantom Warrior would have been perfect, except I couldn't find them. I settled for another unblockable card, one that was both really cute and I could find enough of: Bouncing Beebles. It's only unblockable if the defending player controls an artifact, though, so I used Ashnod's Transmogrant to make sure that they had a creature. And there's always Morphling, which can fly over in a pinch.

Enlightened Tutor got the combo pieces I needed, and Fog Bank and Mother of Runes could protect me until I got it going. And if a creature died, Angelic Renewal could bring it back. Skull of Orm then brought back the Renewal, and if the Skull was destroyed, the Argivian Archaeologist brought that back.

I played a lot of decks over the years before and since, but I've never loved a deck as much as I loved this one. And I'll be honest: I kind of want to give it a second chance now.

Alli Medwin’s Second Chance

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