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Posted in Daily Deck on February 11, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

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Q: It's been stated several times that the Theros pantheon consists of fifteen gods; the five major gods are represented by the five colors of Magic and the ten minor gods each represent a color pair. Before Xenagos ascended to be the god of revels, was there already a red-green god? Or was Theros missing a god to represent that color pair? —Nathan P.

A: Kelly Digges, Theros world guide contributor:

There are certainly fifteen Gods in Theros block, but I don't think we've ever said there were fifteen gods on Theros prior to the events of Born of the Gods. From the perspective of Magic players looking at Magic cards, a pantheon of fourteen seems dissonant, incomplete—obviously begging for that last piece to click into place. The people of Theros, though, probably don't think in terms of colors of mana, and even if they do, they're certainly not lining up their pantheon along color lines and noticing a "gap." There just happen to be fourteen gods, that's all.

It's possible that long ago there was a red-and-green-aligned god on Theros, who consecrated the now-abandoned Temple of Abandon. Maybe that god presided over the same domain of revelry and recklessness that Xenagos would later step into. But for as long as any mortal on Theros can remember, there have been fourteen gods—and there's no reason to find that strange, any more than having nine or twelve or eighteen would be.

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