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Posted in Daily Deck on February 18, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Ask Wizards is a weekly feature that allows you to ask us questions! If you'd like to submit your question please email it to We aren't able to answer every question we receive but if your question is good then it might show up in the coming weeks!

Q: Big fan; I'll try to keep it short. If you could please find a way to turn Friday Nights into say a full half-hour sitcom I would love that. I would probably pay money for it, or something similar. —Arthur

A: Graham Stark, co-creator, director, editor, writer, actor of LoadingReadyRun:

Hi there Arthur, thanks so much!

A half-hour sitcom would probably be a prohibitive amount of work for us, but it would mean we'd be forced to play more Magic... for research purposes, you understand. Hmm.

Regardless, I've learned to "never say never" in the land of web video, but I think Friday Nights is pretty happy with its current format, and we're just thrilled that you and so many other people enjoy it. That's why we make it, after all.

Thanks for watching!


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