Aspect of Beatdown

Posted in Daily Deck on April 14, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

I've heard some rumblings of Mono-Green Aggro decks with the potential to compete against the big boys of Standard, but I was skeptical. After all, there are problematic cards like Supreme Verdict around, but they don't always have it. Even if they do, you can kill them on turn three with a great draw. Barring that, you have Gods, Boon Satyr, and Experiment One to give you some resiliency.

Aspect of HydraThe one question you are probably asking yourself (since I asked myself the same thing) is "Where are the Reverent Hunters?" First of all, three mana is a lot to ask, even for a creature as large as Reverent Hunter. Instead, the deck plays Witchstalker as a great target for Ghor-Clan Rampager and Aspect of Hydra. In a format where nearly every deck has a way to stop you when you're trying to Aspect it out, having access to Witchstalker can be a godsend.

Will this deck continue to thrive in Standard? I'm guessing not, but it will be a deck that pops up from time to time. For example, RW Burn was popular for a few weeks until Mono-Black Devotion adopted Staff of the Death Magus into its arsenal. The format was still soft to lightning-fast aggressive decks, but one that can deal large amounts of repeatable damage is probably better than one that can just barely eke out 20 points.

Green-based aggro might not be good every week, but it's been doing reasonably as of late, so it's worth a further look.

Tarkanmag's RG Aggro

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Other (60)
11   Forest 2   Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx 4   Stomping Ground 4   Temple of Abandon 3   Boon Satyr 4   Burning-Tree Emissary 4   Dryad Militant 4   Elvish Mystic 4   Experiment One 2   Ghor-Clan Rampager 4   Kalonian Tusker 2   Nylea, God of the Hunt 2   Scavenging Ooze 4   Witchstalker 1   Xenagos, God of Revels 4   Aspect of Hydra 1   Bow of Nylea
60 Cards
Sideboard (15)
1   Bow of Nylea 1   Armed // Dangerous 1   Flesh // Blood 2   Gruul Charm 1   Mistcutter Hydra 2   Nylea's Disciple 1   Plummet 3   Skylasher 3   Time to Feed

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