Casual Green-Blue Faeries

Posted in Daily Deck on July 24, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

With Magic Origins on everyone's mind, it's only appropriate to provide you with one more R&D origin story deck. Today's deck belongs to Magic Designer Jackie Lee. Jackie has been at Wizards for almost a year now and is a former Pro Tour player and strategy writer. Jackie has written dozens of articles throughout her Magic career, mostly about Magic strategy—but she has also delved into topics like psychology and women in Magic.

Jackie's most memorable deck was a Green-Blue Faerie deck that utilized the most powerful Auras that Urza's block and Masques block had to offer. Here's what Jackie had to say about her deck:

I started playing Magic when Stronghold had just come out, in 1998.

My friends all got hooked on Magic in middle school, and that's when I learned to play. I remember filing to the last seat on the bus every morning with my friend Deanna, so we could play on the windowed ledge on the way to school. Not only was this game cool and exciting, but it allowed for tons of creativity. My friends who'd been playing longer all had different decks that did wildly different things.

Back then, I had a black-red deck, a white-blue deck, and a green deck—because I had the most green cards. The first deck I built with a goal in mind was Bant Walls, an assortment of creatures including Wall of Wood, Glacial Wall, and Wall of Swords. I thought I could just hold off every creature the opponent played and wait for my win condition: A-hah! My deck was 70 cards, not 60!

As you might imagine, Bant Walls wasn't a very good deck. Although it was kind of fun to try to answer every one of my opponent's creatures, it wasn't a very rewarding puzzle after a few tries.

After the Urza's Saga Prerelease, when I was looking over my new cards, I found Hermetic Study and Venomous Fangs. What a combo! But what to enchant?

A Faerie would be perfect: tiny sprites that dwelled in woods and streams, inexpensive to play and innocuous to behold. But once I suited them up, they were unstoppable killers! While my opponents' creatures were being felled by the stings of my tiny assassins, I'd armor up a second type of Faerie: the immense destroyer, created to crush my opponents and bring me victory.

And so, my Faerie Deck was the first deck I built and continued to iterate on, enthralled by the gameplay of looking for cards that I could assemble into something far greater. This curiosity would continue for years, as I drafted and built decks with many moving parts. At some point, my mind still glued to the puzzle of the current game, I'd realize I'd achieved one of my childhood goals: to qualify for the Pro Tour.

Jackie Lee's Green-Blue Faeries

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