Collected (Four-Color) Aggression

Posted in Daily Deck on May 15, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

Collected Company feels like the breakout card of Dragons of Tarkir. It saw a tiny bit of play in Green-White Aggro decks at the last Pro Tour, and since then many players have been brewing up all kinds of decks with this powerful instant. Most of these decks are one or two colors. In aggro decks that want to swarm the battlefield with creatures, you really don't want to lose consistency by playing more than two colors. However, at Grand Prix Paris we saw a new build of Collected Company that featured four colors and all of the best low-mana creatures in Standard.

Yohan Dudognon piloted this Collected Company deck to a Top 16 finish at Grand Prix Paris. When looking at this list you have to wonder how Yohan was able to cast his spells with creatures with mana costs of GW, URG, and WUR. Four-color aggressive decks are pretty rare in Standard these days. Other than Mana Confluence, there really isn't a good way to guarantee all of your colors early without playing a ton of lands that enter the battlefield tapped. Think about it: If you play a Windswept Heath into a Forest on turn one, you're probably not casting Mantis Rider on turn three.

If Collected Company didn't exist, I would have a hard time recommending a deck like this one. However, Collected Company works wonders in this deck. Your shaky mana base is irrelevant if you are able to cast this card on turn three and put a Savage Knuckleblade and Mantis Rider onto the Battlefield. If you can get around the fact that half your lands will enter the battlefield tapped, the mana bases in Standard are actually pretty good. Don't be surprised to see Savage Knuckleblades, Mantis Riders, and Fleecemane Lions fight side-by-side at your next Standard tournament.

Yohan Dudognon's Four-Color Company

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