Demon's Rise

Posted in Daily Deck on August 27, 2013

By Luis Scott-Vargas

I haven't seen a Homicidal Seclusion in play since Avacyn Restored Draft, so imagine my surprise when I found a deck with multiple copies of it in Standard. The sweetness doesn't end there, as this deck also sports a couple other cards that have recently seen their popularity rise: Haunted Plate Mail and Demonic Rising.

This deck has plenty of the mono-black aspects you would expect, with Mutilate, Sign in Blood, and removal spells all providing a good base. Where it diverges from the norm is the "loner" package, with Demonic Rising, Homicidal Seclusion, and Haunted Plate Mail all taking advantage of the "control one creature" mechanic.

There are a number of fantastic combos here, many of which rely on Mutavault and Haunted Plate Mail being able to turn themselves on or off as required. Playing Demonic Rising, activating a Mutavault or Haunted Plate Mail and getting a Demon is awesome, but it gets even better when you decline to activate the next turn and get a second Demon. Homicidal Seclusion ensures that you will have plenty of life (and therefore time) to have your plans come into fruition, and gains you near-infinite life if you happen to equip a Demon with a Haunted Plate Mail.

Lifebane Zombie is the only actual creature in the deck, mainly because it provides an incredible amount of value against some threats this deck would otherwise have problems with (Thragtusk is the main one). It's also the only creature that dies to Mutilate, with Mutavault and Haunted Plate Mail conveniently dodging your Wrath with ease.

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