Doeszzet Resolve?

Posted in Daily Deck on February 25, 2014

Oddly enough, there aren't nearly enough cards in Standard that deal with both Pack Rat and Underworld Connections. At least, there aren't enough obvious ones. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper and come out with something like Izzet Charm.

Izzet CharmChris Yarbrough is well known to his friends as a control player, so it wouldn't surprise me if finding Izzet Charm wasn't exactly an "aha!" moment and instead he played the deck and card just because it's versatile and he likes it. Then again, he has a pair of Assemble the Legions main deck alongside a Revoke Existence, so it looked like he was being particularly hateful toward Mono-Black Devotion. Either way, Izzet Charm complements that plan nicely.

One thing I love about Chris's deck is the use of Brimaz, King of Oreskos alongside Stormbreath Dragon in the sideboard. Siding in Brimaz against the control mirror is all right, but when you're on that plan, you really want more than three or four threats total. If your opponent finally deals with your first threat when low on life, you're going to want a follow-up.

As far as WUx Control decks go, this version looks to be among the best in Born of the Gods Standard.

Chris Yarbrough's RWU Control

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