Enchantments Everywhere

Posted in Daily Deck on May 28, 2014

For most players at the Pro Tour, a very important goal is reaching the Top 25. Finishing in the Top 25 gives you an invitation to the next Pro Tour and a good shot at reaching the Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels in the Pro Players Club. At Pro Tour Journey into Nyx, Franck Dubus finished in 17th place, giving him an invitation to Pro Tour Magic 2015 later this year.

Doomwake GiantFranck's deck of choice takes advantage of one of the new mechanics in Journey into Nyx: constellation. Constellation is the type of mechanic that rewards a deck builder for playing more enchantments. Fortunately, there are many enchantments in Theros Block!

The core of this deck is Eidolon of Blossoms, which provides fuel for the constellation engine. Doomwake Giant is also a great constellation card, swinging combat in your favor and wiping out hordes of Soldier tokens. The rest of the deck is filled out with many enchantments with some subtle synergies. For example, Nyx Weaver helps fill your graveyard so you can fuel Pharika, God of Affliction. Because the tokens are also enchantments, this deck is capable of some truly impressive things once it gets going.

Franck Dubus's Black-Green Constellation

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