Ensnaring Agent

Posted in Daily Deck on March 13, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

It doesn't take long after a big tournament for the masses to find a deck that is well-positioned against the field. I think today's deck might be it for Modern. Reminiscent of Gabriel Nassif's deck from the first Modern Pro Tour, MildyNZ's Tezzeret deck utilizes Ensnaring Bridge and Chalice of the Void to put the lockdown on opponents.

Of the popular decks in the format, Birthing Pod appears to be the deck that isn't hit hard by either Bridge or Chalice, but that's all right. You can't beat everything, especially when you're targeting an incredibly specific portion of the metagame. On the bright side, some Pod decks are focused on Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker or have cut Murderous Redcap entirely, so there's still hope.

With this deck, you get a good mana base and powerful cards, to disrupt your opponents, and to eventually lock them out of the game. What's not to love? Just be sure to avoid that Birthing Pod matchup!

MildyNZ's U/B Tezzeret

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Gerry Thompson is a former professional Magic player and strategy writer, whose career highlights includes a Top 8 at Pro Tour Gatecrash and two Grand Prix wins in Denver and Nashville. He's currently a development intern for Wizards of the Coast.

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