Five-Color Obliterator Pod

Posted in Daily Deck on October 3, 2013

By Luis Scott-Vargas

While Birthing Pod may be the most well-known archetype in Modern, today's deck is about as far from "normal" Birthing Pod decks as possible. You only have to look at a brief sampling of the deck's creatures to see that, as the lineup includes Tuktuk the Explorer, Phyrexian Obliterator, Massacre Wurm, Wall of Omens, Glen Elendra Archmage, and Huntmaster of the Fells. Yes, that's all five colors, along with , , , , and mana symbols floating around.

The deck still has some infinite combos, because you need some kind of reward for keeping a Pod in play for a few turns. There is no Melira, but Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, steps in to combine with Murderous Redcap or Kitchen Finks and a sacrifice outlet to go infinite. Once we get past that, the real fun starts.

With a laundry list of creatures that also includes Sun Titan, Eternal Witness, Reveillark, Thragtusk, Phyrexian Metamorph, and Zealous Conscripts, this deck can come up with an answer for every conceivable situation. There are a near-infinite number of ways to bring things back, to kill or steal opposing permanents, to lock the opponent out, or just to flood the board with monsters. Zealous Conscripts is one of the best cards for the job, especially with sacrifice outlets to rid yourself of whatever you take, but we shouldn't overlook the roles of Reveillark and Sun Titan in making absurd things happen over and over again.

Just in case you thought that was enough, the deck even has a Garruk Relentless and a Domri Rade for maximum value. In fact, I'm convinced that the one Domri and the one Phyrexian Obliterator are the true focus of the deck, as fighting something big with Obliterator does exactly what the name implies.

If you're looking for an incredibly fun and possibly confusing deck to play, this is it, and it might even be strong. Four Birds of Paradise, four Deathrite Shaman, and four Birthing Pod let you do whatever you want (also, just look at that sideboard; it's exquisite).

naka_zangyo_kirai’s Five-Color Obliterator Pod

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