Heading to the Temple

Posted in Daily Deck on February 17, 2014

I'm as big a fan of dual lands as the next Magic player, and while I like the shocklands of Ravnica just fine, I adore the Temples of Theros. Whenever I draft Theros block, I never pass a Temple, even if it isn't in any of my colors (so I guess note that if you ever draft with me).

Anyway, part of their appeal to me, beyond being dual lands and effectively giving me scry 1 for , is the art. Trick "went deep" on the art of Temple of Mystery in this Arcana, but I wanted to take this opportunity to "go wide" and show off the eight Temples we have available to us right now.

We'll look at these alphabetically, because that is fair. And also I am an editor…

Temple of Abandon | Art by Mike Bierek

Temple of Deceit | Art by Raymond Swanland

Temple of Enlightenment | Art by Svetlin Velinov

Temple of Malice | Art by Sam Burley

Temple of Mystery | Art by Noah Bradley

Temple of Plenty | Art by Noah Bradley

Temple of Silence | Art by Karl Kopinski

Temple of Triumph | Art by Jason Felix

So, which is your favorite?

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