Infect at GP Omaha

Posted in Daily Deck on January 30, 2015

By Shuhei Nakamura

Shuhei Nakamura is a member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame, former Player of the Year, and is one of just six players with more than 400 lifetime pro points.

Damage is not the only way to win at Magic.

Some decks win by emptying their opponents' libraries. Others win by resolving cards that say "win the game."

However, the deck I'd like to introduce today is neither—it does not attack life total nor deck.

Do you remember the last way to win a game of Magic? Yes, poison.

The concept of the poison deck is not far off from a mono-green beatdown deck: Grow your creatures with spells like Giant Growth and break through.

Keep in mind that poison wins with only ten damage compared to the regular 20, so that Giant Growth turns into a Become Immense if it's cast on a infect creature.

I almost forgot, the Modern Giant Growths are +4/+4. Add this to the creature's original power times two: 1+1+4+4=10 poison counters and your opponent is dead.

Just remember that infect creatures are weak little 1/1s. Don't take any risks. Protect your precious creatures with Apostle's Blessing and Vines of Vastwood.

Adam Boyd's Infect—Top 32, GP Omaha

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