Infecting Legacy

Posted in Daily Deck on March 14, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Tom Ross is known for making unconventional choices during deck building and winning anyway. Last weekend was no exception, as he finished in the Top 4 of the StarCityGames Legacy Open in Atlanta with GU Infect. While Infect is a relatively known quantity in Legacy, it doesn't see a lot of play. There are just too many sweet decks to choose from, and Infect is often left sitting on the sidelines. However, Tom is attempting to change that.

Infect rarely, if ever, wins with actual damage, so getting to play a card like Invigorate is a huge bonus. Vines of Vastwood is a deceptively versatile card, capable of stopping a spot-removal spell or even stopping your opponent from equipping Umezawa's Jitte for a turn! It's no surprise that Tom chose to play four of each, while playing only one copy of Berserk and Might of Old Krosa, presumably just to test them.

In his Top 8 interview, Tom mentioned adding more Berserks and Stifles, both of which sound like reasonable choices. I can't wait to find out what his finished product will look like.

Tom Ross's GU Infect

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Gerry Thompson is a former professional Magic player and strategy writer, whose career highlights includes a Top 8 at Pro Tour Gatecrash and two Grand Prix wins in Denver and Nashville. He's currently a development intern for Wizards of the Coast.

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