Ironroot Chef: Hungry Hungry Spriggans

Posted in Daily Deck on October 2, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

I saved the best Ironroot Chef deck for last this week, as Maria Bartholdi's Hungry Spriggan deck is the coolest, most flavorful deck I've seen in the history of Ironroot Chef. For the Modern portion of the event, Maria chose Hungry Spriggan and went all-in on the theme of eating large amounts of food.

As Maria said in her Ironroot Chef speech, a Hungry Spriggan is "He Who Hungers." He gets his food from a garden—maybe a Khalni Garden, a Temple Garden, or even a Golgari Rot Farm. The garden can grow some Sprouts and Fruit of the First Tree. The Hungry Spriggan is really hungry. You might say he has an Urge to Feed, a Savage Hunger, or a Demonic Appetite.

So what does a Hungry Spriggan actually eat? Probably some Fresh Meat that he chops up with a Butcher's Cleaver, which can be served on a Darksteel Plate. The Hungry Spriggan has some friends who also want to eat as much as he does, like Polukranos, World Eater (he eats entire worlds!), Eater of Days (he eats entire days!), Gluttonous Slime, Gobbling Ooze, and of course, the Master of the Feast.

This deck is a work of pure genius, and although the Community team lost the match they played with this deck, they still earned fifteen of fifteen possible flavor points—a perfect score. During the judging portion, Maria even said that they were really close to adding Forked Bolt to the deck so that the Spriggan would have a utensil to eat with. I suppose that a creature this hungry would usually opt out of using a fork and just use his Mouth of Ronom.

The fifteen-point swing put the Community team in a great spot to win the Cup, and their effort in the Ironroot Chef rounds really showed that they were hungry for a win.

Maria Bartholdi's Hungry Hungry Spriggans

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