King of Bant

Posted in Daily Deck on February 28, 2014

Despite a format with good mana, it never surprises me how creative some people can get. GW Aggro and Esper Humans are two relatively successful decks, but what would happen if you mashed them both together? I think you get something like Ryan Hipp's Bant Aggro deck.

Brimaz, King of OreskosBant gives access to some of the most powerful creatures in the format, such as Voice of Resurgence; Brimaz, King of Oreskos; Fleecemane Lion; and Precinct Captain. Conveniently, those creatures are all white for our Brave the Elements! Ephara, God of the Polis gives us some staying power; Spear of Heliod pumps all our guys (including Brimaz's tokens, making them real threats); and Selesnya Charm removes Desecration Demon or gets us through for the final points of damage.

Overall, Ryan's deck looks pretty nice, and his sideboard is sure to take some people by surprise—especially the Breeding Pool.

Ryan Hipp's Bant Aggro

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