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Posted in Daily Deck on March 12, 2014

I am a big fan of Planeswalkers, and I always look forward to the new Planeswalker card(s) in every new set. My friend (who gave me the idea for this Arcana) and I even built a Cube based around my deep-seated love of the characters and their awesome cards. It's been a few weeks since we last talked about Born of the Gods's Planeswalker, so it seems like a good time to pull together everything*we have on her into one handy place. Sound like fun? I hope so!

Let's start with art:

Kiora, the Crashing Wave | Art by Scott M. Fischer

And the art description:

Color: Blue, and a little green.
Location: Standing on a rock amid a raging sea.
Action: Show us a new Planeswalker character: Kiora, a beautiful female merfolk who commands the powers of the depths. She is outwardly calm and collected but has an intense, wild look in her eye. Kiora venerates the huge creatures of the sea—krakens, leviathans, and other denizens of the inky depths—because for her they are evidence that even the most persistent forces can be endured: time, water, predation, and darkness.
Focus: The merfolk Planeswalker Kiora.
Mood: She seems calm and wise, but her dreams are bizarre beyond imagining.
Notes: "Hair" is long, draping fin material like a Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens).

And now for the articles:

And the cards that feature Kiora in some way, including the Game Day promo version of Kiora's Follower:

I hope you ultimately create some Krakens!

*: If I did miss an article, please let me know in email or Twitter so I can update the list. Thanks! :) (return)

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