Legacy Infect

Posted in Daily Deck on July 14, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

Today we're showcasing another Legacy deck that came out of Grand Prix Lille. Ricardo Sanchez piloted an Infect deck to a Top 4 finish. It's very common to see this deck in Modern, but seeing it in Legacy is a whole different story. On the surface, this list looks very similar to the Modern version—with a few very significant upgrades.

The first improvement to the deck is the addition of Force of Will. Force is a free counterspell and something that we just don't have access to in Modern. Force plays a role similar to that of Vines of Vastwood and Apostle's Blessing; they are there to protect your creatures from removal. Force has the added utility of being able to counter anything, including your opponent's game-winning spell. Additionally, this Infect Deck has access to Daze, another counterspell as long as your opponent has no untapped mana. Since this deck tries to win by turn two or three, it's a pretty safe bet that your opponent will be tapping out for spells.

The other and probably most important upgrade to this Infect deck is Invigorate. I remember casting this card in Limited, and it was incredible. The ability to save your creature in combat for zero mana at the mere cost of 3 life for your opponent is a huge swing in tempo. In this deck, Invigorate is used to actually kill the opponent. And since you're dealing with poison counters and not damage, the 3 life is completely irrelevant.

The delve mechanic is extremely powerful in Legacy. You are constantly cracking fetch lands, casting cantrips, and filling your graveyard. It's very common that delve spells cost only a mana or two, which makes a card like Become Immense a no-brainer for this deck. You can't include too many copies—or else you run the risk of drawing too many and not having enough cards in your graveyard to cast them efficiently—but the threat of dealing 6 extra damage is great when you only need to deal 10.

Ricardo Sanchez's Infect

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