Legacy Reliquary Retreat

Posted in Daily Deck on October 29, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

Today's deck is a new Legacy deck archetype made possible by a card from Battle for Zendikar. Retreat to Coralhelm probably looks like a thirteenth draft pick to most players, but this card actually enables a really cool combo in older formats. Knight of the Reliquary is combo piece number two, which means that this deck can work in Modern as well!

The way this deck works is to get both a Knight of the Reliquary and a Retreat to Coralhelm on the battlefield together. Your key cards for helping you pull this off are Green Sun's Zenith and Brainstorm. Brainstorm is a powerful draw spell in combination with fetch lands, because it allows you to put back unwanted cards and then shuffle them away, giving you a fresh draw step. Brainstorm helps you dig through your deck and assists you in finding your combo pieces.

Green Sun's Zenith is a little narrower, as it can't find the Retreat—but depending on how the deck is built, the card can be much more powerful. Of course, the Zenith can help you find your Knight, but it also acts as a "toolbox" card, meaning that you can put situational one-ofs in your deck and search them out when necessary. For example, in this deck you can search up mana creatures (Noble Hierarch or Dryad Arbor), enchantment removal (Qasali Pridemage), graveyard removal (Scavenging Ooze), and big spell hate (Gaddock Teeg). The options are pretty wide with Green Sun's Zenith, and you can choose to play many different one-ofs knowing that you have virtually five copies in your deck.

So how does the combo actually work? Once you have an active Knight and a Retreat on the battlefield, all you have to do next is use your Knight to search out a land from your deck. Your Retreat will trigger, untapping the Knight, and you can just do that over and over again. If you happen to search out a fetch land, your Retreat will trigger an additional time and you can use that trigger to untap a mana creature, netting you some additional mana. Once you have a gigantic Knight in play, a Sejiri Steppe is usually enough to set up a lethal attack by giving your Knight protection from your opponent's blockers.

Steven Schlepphorst's Reliquary Retreat

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