Medomai the Ageless Commander

Posted in Daily Deck on September 28, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

The Magic Community Cup took place last weekend, and although it was looking good for the Wizards team after Day One, the Community team rallied back during the Ironroot Chef portion of the event. Be sure to check out the coverage if you missed it. This week on Daily Decks, I'll be featuring the decks that the players built for Ironroot Chef.

One of the formats that the competitors had to build decks for was Commander. They were given the choice of five Commanders and had to build the most flavorful deck they could in only 60 minutes. Having been on the Wizards team myself this year, I can verify that this was no easy task!

Medomai the Ageless was the commander of choice for the Community team. Medomai is an oracle who appears on Theros a few times a year during times of historical import. He is a wise and ancient Sphinx who knows the future, so the Community team went with a deck built around the manipulation of time and resources. As you can see here, there are plenty of Time Walk-style effects as well as a bunch of cards that either stop or speed up time, such as Clockspinning, Time Stop, and Delay.

Another theme of Medomai the Ageless is giving your opponents choices. Fact or Fiction, Truth or Tale, Intuition, and cards using the Conspiracy mechanic will of the council are some of the cards the Community team included, and they all require your opponent to make a decision.

My favorite combo from this deck is Sands of Time and Paradox Haze. Sands of Time forces you to skip your untap step, but during your upkeep you can untap everything that was previously tapped. When you are given an additional upkeep, you can just cast a bunch of spells during your first upkeep, then untap everything during your second upkeep, essentially giving you two uses out of all of your permanents every turn. It was pretty crazy seeing this deck in action, and the Community team won their match by taking infinite turns.

Jimmy Wong's Medomai the Ageless

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COMMANDER: Medomai the Ageless

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