Modern Jeskai Ascendency Combo

Posted in Daily Deck on August 26, 2015

By Melissa DeTora

Melissa is a former Magic pro player and strategy writer who is now working in R&D on the Play Design team.

We've seen lots of different builds of Jeskai Ascendancy across all formats, and for the most part they all look very similar. They play a creature that can gain haste, like Fatestitcher or Wind Zendikon, and then cast a bunch of cheap spells to draw out their deck. Cast enough spells and they will end up with a creature big enough to win the game, while also having the perfect hand to protect it.

Today's Daily Deck is a Modern Jeskai Ascendancy list that does something a little different than most other lists. The deck is built around Glittering Wish, a card that I bet most players have forgotten about. Wishes can be a little awkward to play, because you have to build your sideboard around them. Instead of playing a sideboard of fifteen cards that you can bring into your main deck depending on the matchup, you now have to play up to fifteen cards that will never be added to your main deck. The upside is you are playing a tutor effect in your Modern deck, which can be quite powerful.

Most of the time you will use Glittering Wish to fetch Flesh // Blood. This card allows you to win the game once you have a creature whose power is greater than your opponent's life total. Instead of attacking, you can simply cast Blood and not worry about blockers. If you aren't in a winning position, Glittering Wish can be used to find a variety of things. If you need extra cards or an alternate win condition, Keranos, God of Storms is a good choice. And if you need some counterspell backup, there's always Counterflux.

This Jeskai Ascendancy list is very different from most other lists out there. The focus is less on comboing off and more on tokens and attacking. Young Pyromancer is very strong in this deck and is capable of creating a large amount of tokens, but the one card I'd like to point out here is Sprout Swarm. This card was an absolute powerhouse in Limited, but never really caught on in Constructed, and in this deck a single Sprout Swarm is an infinite combo with Ascendency. All you need is a Jeskai Ascendancy and five tokens on the battlefield, which is a very easy thing to accomplish in this deck. Tap all five creatures to pay the convoke cost and cast the spell, and they all untap for you to do it again and again. This lets you draw your entire deck as well.

This is a very cool take on Jeskai Ascendancy, and it's really exciting to see Sprout Swarm get some love in Constructed. Props to Nick Bertch for piloting the deck!

Nick Bertsch's Jeskai Ascendancy Combo

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