Mono-Red Beatdown in Standard

Posted in Daily Deck on February 17, 2015

By Shuhei Nakamura

Shuhei Nakamura is a member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame, former Player of the Year, and is one of just six players with more than 400 lifetime pro points.

With the release of Fate Reforged, followed by Pro Tour Fate Reforged, the Standard metagame continued to evolve even as pro players prepared for the Modern Pro Tour. I might even say the pro players were the ones left behind. At least I was. I'm spending most of my time now checking new decklists, trying to catch up after being Rip Van Winkle for almost a month.

This week, I will introduce some interesting looking Standard decks I stumbled upon on Magic Online, especially ones with cards from Fate Reforged. First off is FETUS51's Mono-Red Beatdown, played in the online PTQ.

Goblin Rabblemaster has been replaced by Flamewake Phoenix from Fate Reforged. Indeed, the Standard metagame's ground is flooding with creatures, but the skies are open.

Wingmate Roc can be a pain. However, it's two notches too slow for Mono-Red Beatdown's game plan anyway, so I recommend forgetting it altogether and attacking full speed with the Phoenix. Besides, Mono-Red is often done for by the time Wingmate Roc hits the table anyway.

The Phoenix is also great because it can attack straight out of the graveyard. Even after falling to a Lightning Strike, the Phoenix can revive itself in the attack step with backup from Dragon Mantle or Titan's Strength, which is a huge bonus. I can't wait to topdeck a haste creature and attack for 4 plus 2. That's what I call raid.

FETUS51's Mono-Red Beatdown

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